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Tzenkethi Front Advanced - Dreadnought Not Showing Up - FAIL MISSION

lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
Tzenkethi Front Advanced, I have ran this mission four times and all four times the same bug has occured. The Tzenkethi bases are taken out, our base is 100%. The Dreadnought never arrives. We have between 2:40 and 3:00 minutes on the clock that just run down to FAIL. Then the mission is unresolved and we have to exit it manually. This has happened on Advanced. I have video, will upload to youtube and provide a link. Bug reports were filed by all players in each match.
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  • spectrusregentspectrusregent Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    This is also happening on normal after the 1/27 maintenance.
  • phenomenaut01phenomenaut01 Member Posts: 714 Arc User
    Confirmed this issue in normal queue at around 12pm 1/28, same as reported by OP: All bases destroyed, allied base at 100%. No dreadnought. No resolution. Have to manually exit. Post 1/27 maintenance patch.
  • parish#5017 parish Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    We had this issue too. Had to finally leave. It was as if we had never played the round, no CD, nothing.
  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,164 Arc User
    Just ran into this issue also in a Tzenkethi Front Advanced.


    After destroying the last base, the Dread didn't warp in anywhere. I was flying around to all the NPCs, no Dread to be found. We quickly dispatched all the remaining NPCs, still the Dread didn't arrive. We had to quit despite doing amazingly well.

    One extra detail if it means anything was that I was the one that destroyed the last base. I did this a few seconds after the 4th was destroyed by someone else. Normally when the 2nd to last base is blown up, the Dread warps in at the last base. But I destroyed the last base so quickly after the fourth to last that it never came in.
  • tempus64tempus64 Member Posts: 806 Arc User
    They fixed that bug.. Oh wait.. They didn't... Work around is to not destroy the last 2 in quick succession. Make sure everyone on the team knows that they need to wait until the dreadnought spawns after the 4th is destroyed but before the last one gets destroyed. That seems to work.
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