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Red Alerts make your ship shift quadrants

jbmonroejbmonroe Member Posts: 809 Arc User
As far back as I remember, the Tholian Red Alert would plant you outside Sol regardless of where the actual red alert point (RAP, we'll call it) was on the Beta Quadrant map. The Borg Red Alert would drop you outside the RAP. This was annoying--but since the revamp to the system, there's a better than 50-50 chance that responding to either Red Alert in the Alpha Quadrant will drop you in the Beta Quadrant when the RA is over. I tried bugging this earlier today and got back "Couldn't connect--try again later," and haven't gone back to try to report it again. I'd like to think that other people have already pointed out that a free trip to Beta Quadrant might not be what we had in mind all the time.

Also--does every Borg Red Alert occur in "Argelius Sector" now? That's what I see every time. So much for variety. Hopefully there aren't any new accolades that rely on being able to defeat the Boss in different sectors like there used to be.
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