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Item Request: Money Bomb

blazeritterblazeritter Member Posts: 203 Arc User
Extra Credits mentioned this in a video, and I think it would be a great addition to STO that could solve a few problems.

The concept of a money bomb is that one player buys and throws it. Bomb explodes and drops loot around it, but only OTHER players can collect the loot.

The possibilities of what this could be are endless, from different types (Fleet money bomb with commodities and fleet dilithium vouchers, Ground money bomb with armor and stat boosts, Rep bombs with projects to slot old reputations like lockboxes give for duty officer assignments, or Flashback bombs with a chance at lockbox prizes 1+ years old) to different qualities with higher loot tables/reward chances (money grenade, money bomb, atomic money bomb...).

Put this in the dilithium store for a reasonable price (I'm thinking basic level bombs should be less than a day's refining) and it might even give players something else good to repeatedly spend dilithium on. As a fleet leader, I'd definitely buy these and use them as incentives for joining fleet/armada events, even fleet recruitment.

Balance of course would have to be done not to give away the store, but done right this seems like it could be a win/win for everyone.

Edit: Here's the video if anyone's interested. The money bomb part is at 5:50.


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