"Unable to open Reward Packs..."

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"...with items in your overflow bag". Haven't logged in in a couple weeks, came on to start Crystal today, and got this. Can't open the daily data chip, marks boxes, other items. If I start taking items out of my overflow bag (which, yes, is overfull due to running too many events/STFs etc. back before I had reasonable amounts of storage space) - then I can't open what I take out.

Currently the only option would seem to be 'take items out of overflow, and just throw them away unopened until it is empty'.

Is there a workaround for this, or an upcoming fix, or is this just 'the way it's gonna be' now?

Any tips appreciated, thanks.

(PS: I would be happy to empty out my Overflow, only sheer laziness kept me from doing it before - but not at the cost of throwing away unopened everything that has ever been in it)


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    Have you exhausted all your banking slots (personal, fleet & account)? Filled every BOff up with a gun/shield/armor/stack of tribbles or devices? Slapped all your "I might use these someday" guns & set pieces onto backup ships and now-a-days the visuals slots?

    And does doing all this give you enough room in your overflow bag to access your stuff(s)?

    Don't forget that you also have 40 "mail" slots for things that you can mail to yourself and/or post on the exchange... :tongue:
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    Good advice, however the reason that things ended up in my overflow to begin with is because 98% of those spaces you listed are full.

    9 characters, which I tend to play in short bursts (eg. when there's an event) and repetitively, and stuff piles up, so I shove it into all those bank/ship/BOff slots and figure "I'll sort it out some day when I have lots of time to kill".

    I will at some point have to go through each of these captains and eliminate everything that isn't a 'serious keeper', but I don't really hold out a lot of hope that I will be able to free up 100+ bank slots per character to empty the current overflow. It seems that having them fix the 'you cannot open items with overflow' bug would be useful in the long run regardless.

    For one thing, this never used to be a problem/bug, as I have in the past (even fairly recent past) opened items from my overflow on these captains. Also, what does opening an item in my *current* inventory space have to do, at all, with what is in my overflow? I can certainly see them putting an 'overflow full, cannot add more to overflow' limit on it. I can't see why they would stop items being removed from overflow and opened when there are multiple inv slots available.