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Switch Starship button does NOT work for Small Carft - Big Craft

saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
edited March 2016 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I buyed Thoron Shuttle for my Klingon Tac toon, and i can not use "Switch Starship" button in my ship status window to switch between my main ship (MatHa Raptor) and my shuttle (also main - but i have only one shuttle).
Also the same backwards. I can switch in sector from shuttle to my secondary ships, and then to any big ship, but once more can't switch to shuttle.
Propably bugged by counting both big and small ships shown in my status window as my main ships.
Ship selector in shipyard works though...
Small craft selector on Engineering Deck works too...

Submitted the Bug - ticket ID #3,941,629.
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