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Customizing your Breen Ship.

simonwaterssimonwaters Member Posts: 28 Arc User
Hey all,

I know that a few people on the Facebook page have mentioned this, and I wanted to see if this can be fixed.

Upon recieving the Breen Dreadnaught, Folks who got it earlier mangaed to customize it. (within the limitartions of the ship.) Colors, patterns, material, etc. When I and others tried, it allows the changes, but never puts them in to the ship.

I have a particular "livery" that I try to maintain. (Color and paintscheme) and I would REALLt like to maintain this tradition.

Can someone look into this, please?


  • dragonhef01dragonhef01 Member Posts: 377 Arc User
    Watch the Fleet or UFP crests while customizing, if that hasn't been part of your troubleshooting. There was a bug back around the beginning of summer that one or the other would cause the customization to default. Good luck, Brad
  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    Assuming there is no real issue (if there is, then this post is not applicable to your case),

    Did you check the advanced tab? You can change how coloration affect/colors parts of the ship (patterns of coloration, I know I am inaccurate here). Try to change things there (advanced -> right side of the customization screen) and look how it affects your previewed ship. BTW, I managed to change things a little this way, beside changing the material on the default customization settings area on the left.

    (Note that I didn't understand the upper post so it could be the poster there related to the issue, sorry if so.)

    Also different lightning environment affects how your ship looks like in various areas.
  • dragonhef01dragonhef01 Member Posts: 377 Arc User
    You're right, the changing of crests/insignia is in the advanced area and should be switched around several times to test if that's the cause(change colors/parts > change crest > default again?).
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