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Boff assigned skills resetting (Post Season 11 issue)

mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
Seems the Boff Skill resetting issue from before Season 11 has returned (can't find any pre-existing threads for post season 11 on it). Thought at first it was me and/or just a one off reset with the underlying season 11 changes, but it seems to be persisting.

Haven't nailed down a repro case yet I'm afraid (so it may or may not be the same cause as pre-season 11), but seems to happen after changing ships around (particular when claiming/dismissing ships, adjusting applied boff skills), however bug doesn't seem to affect all Boff's and ship specific allocated skills don't change. As such it's most noticeable when going to a ground map with a boff and all the skills are set back to defaults which presumably the first unlocked skill at the top data table.

If I can get some more solid info I'll update the thread, if anyone else is experiencing this and can provide some helpful debug info please feel free to input it.


  • monkeybone13monkeybone13 Member Posts: 4,640 Arc User
    You claimed ships from the c-store and/or event reclaim store for the adimirality system, didn't you?

    The only time I have an issue with my away team boff's ground skills resetting is when claiming/dismissing ships. Sometimes I wind up with 1 or more traits unslotted also. This happened on every character I went through to get ships for admirality, but this issue has been around since before season 11 launched, even after they managed to finally fix it.

    Switching active ships might also do it. Basically, for me, as long as I don't mess with a ship selector I never have any issues with boff skills resetting.
  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    Yeap went through and claimed/dismissed a whole stash of ships and more recently shuttles for admiralty, so that is quite probably it. Plus the occasional claim new ship to level it's mastery job, so I guess that's probably the problem.
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