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Got Romulan Operative trait on a Vulcan Character

kaiserkactokaiserkacto Member Posts: 482 Arc User
Just what I said, my Vulcan character got the Romulan operative trait, And it can't be removed because is not on the trait list.
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  • crypticspartan#0627 crypticspartan Member Posts: 847 Cryptic Developer
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    It's in the known issues, will go away when you land. Alas. Can't see why you'd complain if it stayed, though.

    This is not double-applying to the player. This is your bridge officer trait being displayed where it should not. The player loses a trait slot due to this, which is unfortunate, but easy to permanently resolve.

  • guljarolguljarol Member Posts: 977 Arc User
    I had Superior Rom Operative and Basic Rom Operative on one of my Romulans. Couldn't be removed, but disappeared on their own after a map change.​​
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