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Spoils of War and Delta Recruits

goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
We just ran a 5 man Spoils of War. Every member of the team was a Delta Recruit and this was the week we were supposed to start the DS9 arc (perfect timing!). 4 of us had the option to complete the Delta Recruit objective and one did not - my wife. On her screen I could see the Delta symbol but the console was not glowing for her. She used her Tesseract just to see if the option wasn't already complete but the Spoils of War button was still dark.

She was the one that chose to read the message from Leeta (it popped up for all of us but she pressed the button). Not sure if that's important but thought I'd throw that out there.

At this point she is too disgusted to even care to run it again but I'm sure eventually she'll give it another try to see if she can get it on a second try.


  • g8472hgg8472hg Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    After 3 years, the bug is still alive. Today only one member from 5 can get the delra recruit iconian tech reward.
    What can I say?......
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