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Who is Your Voice Actor/Actress?



  • braxxjuventabraxxjuventa Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    I say Patrick Stewart as a playable character and voice over.
  • setalia#9914 setalia Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    My primary character, Setalia (who I use in various universes/scenarios/stories/roleplaying), is loosely based on Yuri Nakamura, formerly of the Japanese band GARNET CROW. Since Yuri speaks Japanese, instead of considering her Seta's voice actress, I imagine Seta's personality and voice similar to Yuri's.

    To give an idea how she sounds, listen to Yuri in this video. She's the one on the right.

    (AKA Setalia, The Pun Idol, and The Puntagonist)
    (current userpic: Kaori Iida)
  • vrrinvrrin Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I've always imagined one of the characters I write as being voiced by Keith David.
  • arkle#8984 arkle Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    > @borticuscryptic said:
    > If your primary online persona was slated to be voiced by a famous actor/actress, who would it be?
    > I ended up discussing this with Trendy somehow... long, rambly conversation. Anyway, it got me curious how other folks see themselves in-game, or online.
    > If Borticus, the Forum Persona, were to be voiced by a well-known actor, I think I'd like it to be Nathan Fillion / Malcolm Reynolds. Authoritative, but snarky and empathetic.
    > My in-game character on the other hand - a somewhat androgynous grey alien thing - I'd totally go for Jennifer Hale. I don't care if the toon is "male" she's just too awesome.
    > How about you?

    My Trill captain, Rida Vodad, I could see being voiced by Oscar Issac.
    Characters: Rida Vodad (Trill), Niana (Orion), Karak'Son (Jem'Hadar), Jhanel Aphram (Andorian), Tevana (Romulan), Anahera Ngata (Human), Choadesh (Alien), Manek (Reman), C'Reta (Ferrasan), Kamak'Zun (Jem'Hedar), and Joyal Krin (Cardassian).
    Tumblr: thehumanarkle.tumblr.com
    Twitter: @arkle
    YouTube: youtube.com/user/arklestudios
    AO3 Pseudonym: ZeusParker
  • holliday58holliday58 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Michael Dorn. I have a deep voice like he does.
  • soultraincohsoultraincoh Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Let's see, now.

    My 'elder' Orion captain (Leahvash) would of course be Jennifer Hale, using one of her Eastern European accents. The younger one (Izabella) would be Asia Argento

    My lone Klingon female, Ejahi, would be voiced by Taraji Henson

    My Andorian, Sh'zeleh, would be voiced by Kari Wuhrer

    My Vulcan, T'leth, would be voiced by Thandie Newton

    My Deltan, S'alliah, would be voiced by Amy Jackson

    My Romulan, Karith, would be voiced by Elsa Pataki

    My time-shifted Human, Solidad, would be voiced by Peta Wilson

    And my sole male captain, the Jem'hadar Vemet'zun, would have to be voiced by none other than Christopher Brian "Ludacris" Bridges

  • aries73321aries73321 Member Posts: 62 Arc User
    Wow, this could be fun...

    My Fed main, Christian T Edwards would be voiced by Paul McGann.
    My KDF main Kros by Terry Crews
    My ROM main Kriztan by Keifer Sutherland
    My 23rd Cent Main Chris Busch by Chris Evans
    My Jem'Hadar by Dwayne Johnson

  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 10,210 Arc User
    Kristen Schaal pig-1.gif​​
    ^ Memory Alpha.org is not canon. It's a open wiki with arbitrary rules. Only what can be cited from an episode is. ^
    "No. Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects... and claw at you." -Worf, son of Mogh
    "A filthy, mangy beast, but in its bony breast beat the heart of a warrior" - "faithful" (...) "but ever-ready to follow the call of the wild." - Martok, about a Targ
    "That pig smelled horrid. A sweet-sour, extremely pungent odor. I showered and showered, and it took me a week to get rid of it!" - Robert Justman, appreciating Emmy-Lou
  • verinbeardfistverinbeardfist Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm gonna go with Tony Amendola for my Fed main.

  • tnburn72#7641 tnburn72 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Either PC or Console, Id have to say Christian Kane AKA Eliot Spencer of Leverage
  • rebeccameadows89rebeccameadows89 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited August 2018
    Isn't everybody in the world - fictitious and real - voiced by Nolan North now? I'm pretty sure he's even dubbing over my actual real-life voice at this point.

    So yeah, I suppose my character would be voiced by Nolan North. Just like you and I.

    If we could get him to take a day off, though, I suppose Joanna Page is the kind of voice she has in my head. It's high time for some Welsh representation in Starfleet!
  • gamingdude134#6812 gamingdude134 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    for my Bajorian Engineer, Liz Stroka (Voice actress for Tali Zorah from Mass Effect)
  • eristhevortaeristhevorta Member Posts: 1,024 Bug Hunter
    edited September 2018
    Molly Hagan as Eris, Kaitlin Hopkins as Kilana, Dina Meyer as Donatra and Alexandra Lydon as Jhamel ... please! Meow! Hire them! :)
    "Everything about the Jham'Hadar is lethal!" - Eris
    Original Join Date: January 30th, 2010
  • neoblisseyxneoblisseyx Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Male voices would depend on the faction.

    FED (any era): Dacre Montgomery, most known for his roles as Jason the Red Ranger in the 2017 "Power Rangers" film and as Billy Hargrove on the Netflix series "Stranger Things."

    KDF: The actor I chose for my KDF character may not be famous... unless you like Dragon Ball Z: Christopher Sabat, the Funimation English voice of Vegeta.

    ROM: For my Romulan character, I chose Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor. Although, the choice is not because of Doctor Who; rather, it is based on his voice role as Rabbit in the recent Disney film "Christopher Robin."

    DOM: I consider the Jem'Hadar character to be a typical silent RPG protagonist, a la Link from "Legend of Zelda."

    As I have only had a female FED character, I thought of Jodie Whittaker, a/k/a the 13th Doctor.
  • sgtken60sgtken60 Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    If your primary online persona was slated to be voiced by a famous actor/actress, who would it be?

    How about you?

    For me, if he was still with us - John Wayne.
  • jared#9693 jared Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    That would depend. I would go with either Christopher Lambert or Samuel L. Jackson >:)
  • chr22chr22 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    My bajoran would be voiced by Robert Clotworthy
    for those who don't know
    the guy who voiced Jim Raynor
  • generaaleric#5760 generaaleric Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    my charachter would sound like me ^^
  • elvnswordselvnswords Member Posts: 184 Arc User
    My main is Reveris a Caitan throwback.
    If he was voiced by anyone it would be Matt Mercer as a deep, gravelly voice akin to what he does for his dragon characters in Critical Role.
    Authoritative, with a rolling baritone voice, that arcs to a roar when angered.
  • harrisjohnhharrisjohnh Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    Hmm... This requires some thought.

    Amy C. Harris (my "in-character" daughter - two versions, prime and Discovery alt): Jessie Hendricks (search for "Element a Day in May" on YouTube)
    Kareth (Klingon alt): Mike Rowe (with just a hint of Klingon gravel)
    Eliann (Romulan alt): Halston Sage (at her smoothest and sexiest)
    Cadt (TOS alt - Tellarite): Jeff Dunham (a mix of Peanut, Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist)
    Rentoshi (Delta alt): Gabriel Iglesias (he's got the snark for it)
    Lama'tiklan (Jem'Hadar alt): Pete Hegseth (Fox & Friends weekend host)
  • pzzdachupzzdachu Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    Micheal Dorn, Chris Judge, or Adam Baldwin in no particular order!
    Allow me to introduce myself, I am P'zzd Achu.
  • ghostkaiju#1047 ghostkaiju Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Possibly odd choice for a first post but since I'm still getting a handle kf the site and all, why nit start with discussing a Captain o' mine?
    To add a face to the voice I'm giving, here's my most used Captain in general, the Ferasan Dahar Master Nera K'Rintu Gesh

    And I imagine her most suitable VA would be Kathleen Barr, most specifically drawing From her role as Roodaka. Just give her a bit more of a hissing rasp in her voice and have her more nefariously scheme and laugh to herself darkly, and you got Nera to a t.

    Well that and deadpan/exasperated grumbling, but that's almost a given for any Captain if they're at the job long enough.
  • stormstryke2stormstryke2 Member Posts: 245 Arc User
    Samuel L Jackson with no filters
  • fallenkezef#4581 fallenkezef Member Posts: 391 Arc User
    My Klingon would be voice by Idris Elba and my Fed would be voiced by Sean Bean (and die at least once in every damn mission I play)
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 2,053 Arc User
    I have too many captains to list them off individually, but some of the voices would be Kirstin Chenoweth, Julie Newmar, Kathryn Hepburn, Rachel Lee Cook, Rihanna, Judy Garland, Holly Hunter, and LiSA. LiSA is a Japanese singer and voice actress, since most here probably have no idea what she sounds like:

  • burnzee#3936 burnzee Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    For my main male character it would have to be voiced by Josh Brolin or Ryan Reynolds. Accompanied with new Starfleet Deadpool uniforms lol
  • asdfjkadfjkasfasdfjkadfjkasf Member Posts: 340 Media Corps
    I think I'd go with Jodie Whittaker, I'm sure she would sound great doing a Liberated Borg voice...
  • nixie50nixie50 Member Posts: 651 Arc User
    For Yang Xiao Long, the original voice actress, Barbara Dunkleman, of course.
    For Leffler, Caitlyn French (Shiro in No Game, No Life)
    For Kimberly, if she were still alive, Maureen O'Hara. otherwise Evannah Lynch with her native Irish accent
  • quicksticks#3613 quicksticks Member Posts: 1 New User
    Mine would be Grey DeLisle since she has a great range.
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