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Radiant Detonation Matrix non functioning correctly (and hilariously OP)

illcadiaillcadia Member Posts: 1,412 Bug Hunter
edited May 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
So yeah. This repuation trait (iconian tier 4) only says that it applies a 2.5% chance to all energy weapons to deal a small amount of radiation damage (around 1k), and remove all buffs in a 1km radius.

Currently this only works for beam weapons, not for cannon weapons of any time. It applies automatically on Fire at Will, and the radiation damage seems to benefit from the Romulan Embassy plasma generating console proc.

It also removes all buffs and applies a sub-nuc style cooldown of 15 seconds to powers and *weapons*.

While this probably doesn't matter in pve because almost no enemies self-buff, this is disasterous in PVP, resulting in insanely high off the chart damage output, as well as preventing opposing players from doing much of anything because they can never have any buffs up while under fire and can't fire their weapons. They're also taking more than double the damage from the plasma science consoles.

If the power worked for all energy weapons as advertised, and stripped only 1 buff from enemies in the affected area, even without the bugged damage bonus, it would still be over powered- but as it is, it is broken and I can't begin to speculate on what the design process for this power was, but the result is clearly quite poorly implemented.

Please take another look at this power, try to find and fix the bugs, and give it a balance pass because as it is it outperforms every other reputation trait in the game combined. A tier 4 ability shouldn't be doing that.
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