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cannot equip kit modules

chaelkchaelk Member Posts: 5,727 Arc User
edited April 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
rom/kdf allied delta recruit. Level 54
I have a 5 slot tactical kit equipped, it has 3 slots filled.
I have 2 other modules I want to put in.
They are in my inventory but when I try to instal them, it says the item is busy.Try again in a few seconds.
Also I cannot remove the modules already in the kit.
I can unequip the kit itself

Kit is;
Tactical kit mark XI- weapon/will( 4 assault/ 1 strategic)
Assault module- motion accel- mark VI purple
Assault module- plasma grenade mark v1 purple,
Strategic kit module – rally cry mark XI- green
Trying to install
Assault kit module- lunge mark XIII- white
Assault kit module-sweeping strikes mark XIII
workaroun d from this thread

go to a land map. it's seems to only happen in space.
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    m1957flaxm1957flax Member Posts: 172 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    that bug and the workaround is known and reported already
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