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Revoking bug reports

captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 623 Arc User
edited February 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Hi guys.

I made a bugrep yesterday, and later realised that I'd made it in error. This could result in some unfortunate Dev trying to find a bug that doesn't exist and end up hating me forever.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to revoke a bugrep, or somehow mark it as now resolved.

There's an option called my tickets, but this is always empty for me.

The specific report I'm referring to is regarding the Kobali BOFF. I said that the BOFF vanished when I claimed her with a full candidate roster. This was not the case. It went into my overflow bag
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  • jam3s1701jam3s1701 Member Posts: 1,825 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    You can look at tickets in your arc account and edit them there failing that contact support with ticket number which should have been mailed to your private email and get them to pass it on.
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