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Orellius & Zeta Andromeda Red Alert's not scaling players to Level 50

mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
edited January 2015 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Can't see this in the list of known bugs and I'm assuming its a bug rather than WAI.

On entering Orellius or Zeta Andromeda Sector Defense Missions (aka Red Alerts) players are not being scaled to Level 50 unlike the other Borg Red Alerts. As a result XP gains for Level 60 toons are very small (despite the XP Boost from the zone) as the NPC's are all level 50 (i.e. 10 level difference which causes the XP to scale with the player level).

Straight forward to replicate, just enter either zone with a level 60 toon and you'll see the toon remains at level 60 and isn't set to level 50 for the instance. Extra confirmation can be taken from killing ships within the sector which with a level 60 toon should reward XP in the single digit range rather than several hundred.

I've only observed it in the two zones named above, although I haven't been in a red alert in every sector so there may be ones I've missed.

Ticket Number:- 3,093,205
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