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Design A Duty Officer!

pwlaughingtrendypwlaughingtrendy Member Posts: 2,966 Arc User
edited December 2014 in The Art of Star Trek Online
Hey Captains!

We’re pleased to announce that from December 19th, 2014 all the way until December 29th, 2014, we’ll be hosting our official Design a Duty Officer contest!

Captains, you’ve flown across the Galaxy committing heroic deeds. Stories of your bravery are told by Cadets and Warriors alike. Every officer wishes they could serve aboard your ship. Show off a crew you’re proud of with our official Duty Officer Art Assets.

I’ve seen a wide variety of amazing works from all of you. Now is another chance to show off your skills and creativity. We’ve released templates in order to make creating a DOFF easier. We have a full listing of available art assets for Captains to pick from here. Grab your soon-to-be officer, and simply place the appropriate DOFF border over them. Our simple templates will make creating your officer a breeze.

Basic Rules:
  • Multiple entries are encouraged! I want to see you fill up this thread will all your officers!
  • Don't post any entries containing inappropriate or offensive material. Keep it classy, Star Trek Folks.
  • All entry images must be submitted in JPEG form.
  • No images containing visual material from the TV/Movies, outside artwork or any licensed material from any other source will be accepted.
  • No custom 3D models or textures can be used in this contest.
  • We'll be picking our top 3 favorites on Monday December 29th, 2014 and announce them for all to see!

Need to learn how to take a screenshot in-game?
  • Type "/renderscale 2" into your chat window before taking your image
  • Type "/screenshot" to take image
  • This will create a large TGA file in the directory listed below that can be converted via Photoshop to 1920x1200.
  • If you wish to utilize another method like "Print Screen" you will want to turn off your HUD visuals by hitting Alt+F12
  • (you will find your images in C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect World Entertainment\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots on most PC computers)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

NOTE:The above rules and conditions are subject to change.

~Laughing Trendy

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