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Role-playing fleet and fan fiction community proposal. (OOC discussion thread.)



  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 963 Arc User
    Just an update: fleet leader acknowledges message, but he's waiting to check with some of the other admirals before he confirms it's OK, so that's where we are. Shouldn't take too long, I know at least one of the other admirals has been in recently.
    Pocketstory, are you about?
  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 963 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Sorry for the delay, but it's OK for us to use the Serenity Station forum! Is anyone still here? If still interested, hope to see you there.

    If/when anyone wants to join (there's no hurry, I'm doing other stuff at the moment), I suppose the best thing would be to register on the forum and post on this thread to let Admiral Lastline (who mostly runs the forum at the moment) know you're here to join the game: http://serenitystation.forumotion.com/t3074-can-some-friends-of-mine-keep-an-rp-thread-on-the-forum#48654 And that'll also let me know that you're ready, because the e-mail notifications do work properly on that forum.

    I'll make the RP thread itself if/when I hear from other players. Or Pocketstory can make it themselves if they want, of course.
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