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STO Ship Comparison Spreadsheet V4.6.3 - All Tiers + Small Craft + Hangar Pets

dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
edited September 2017 in The Academy
This ship comparison spreadsheet is designed to provide a slightly better graphical approach to comparing ships. While other ship comparison spreadsheets tend to list the same information, it is usually in a format that makes it tedious to read. My goal with this is to make it very easy to see the differences in a side-by-side format.

Link: http://bit.ly/STOShips

This is a Google Spreadsheet, so you will need to make your own copy to use the pages that let you choose which ships to compare side by side. Instructions how to do this are included in the spreadsheet.


Latest Changes
  • Added the Son'a Dreadnought stats.
  • Added Allied Flight Deck Cruiser ship stats.

A full list of changes from prior revisions is included in the spreadsheet.​​
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