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Shouldn't "Victory is Life" work on Jem Dreadnought with Jem'Hadar space set?

innuwarriorinnuwarrior Member Posts: 305 Arc User
edited April 2014 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Here is my simple question.

I am the recent owner of a Jem Dreadnought and equiped it with Protonic Polaron beams and 3 pces Jem'Hadar space set. On the set info it says you get "Victory is Life" power when equiping Jem'Hadar space set on Dominion or Cardassian ships, doesn't the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier qualify as one (Dominion ship) or is it a bug? On my bug (Jem'Hadar Attack Ship) it works fine (I think) and I see the icon, samething goes with Galor. I don't see the Icon indicating the power is on with the Dreadnought, so is it a bug?

Thanks if someone from cryptic could answer.
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