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  • Do not become a demon cleric , they have no healing skills . All their healing skills turn into attack skills . I was a demon cleric in pwi and was great , had healing skills lol , well don't go demon in mobile cause no one wants ya . Might as well …
  • I'm on the Europe pw mobile. I Ike it sofar lvl 62 . I can't wait till the north North America one to come out . Atleast this eu one gives me practice lol.
  • Ok it says the game map is 60,000 kilometers of panoramic seamless map. How big of a map is that? Same size as pwi PC map or ?
  • I started pwi when it first came out and played for 6 years and had to quit due to me putting too much money Into it . So it's been like 6 years I think since I played . But here is the pre registration for this mobile game https://www.playperfectw…
  • It's free to play but pay to win lol
  • I remember when I said about 9 years ago that pwi should make a game for tablets . People said it was impossible and gave 1000000 reasons why it would never happen because technology would never be that good lol . I knew better lol . Wonder what tho…
  • no , u ( your character ) can get a genie at any lvl , but your genie will start out at lvl 1 . please read the fourms before asking the same question that has already been answered soooooo many times . If u do not understand what you are reading , …
    in Genie FAQ Comment by syruss May 2009