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  • Think you already wrote the answer with: "in Archo in a place with no 1 arround me" . Not sure what server you are playing on but there are always people and bots in Archosaur. At any time. So thinking it's a hardware problem, in this case the GPU …
  • Oo... still no reply from the Forum Moderators? Also waiting for an answer. ;)
  • Price changed, no 4bil but 50k less. Still unable to sell since
  • Just alter your gameplay and you'll be fine. The only problem with Mystic I've found is the skill that can be used when you're Celestial Sage but not if you're Celestial Demon. But I don't care about using that skill.
  • For the Archer you need to have light armor so Str 104 + the other points all on Dex. If you want a Mystic again it should have max 60 Str and all other points on Magic for arcane gear. Best way to learn a character is to get in a faction asap and …
  • Well, you started it, lol. Changing own hardware doesn't give this problem. Changing a character can only give this problem if you delete your character, replacing it with another class. Like going from Archer to Seeker. Would take a couple of days…
  • Nothing to do with the install. Just check the STR (max 104) end DEX (All other points). Also, like all other classes, at 1 point you need to die first so you can continue your culti.
  • Stop wasting your time on this forum and send a ticket. Forum Moderators could spend a bit more time answering comments lol.
  • No, can't fix it. Tried to send a ticket to Customer Support?
  • Commissioner Shop on Tideswell have one for coins and that is a lamebrain price if you ask me. Perfect to make people mad lol. If you really want to sell things like this lower your price or npc the item. Sure, you can always wait a fe…
  • This topic will move to suggestion box soon since we 'players' can't do anything with it. Sorry to all 'gurls' :)
  • Check your settings in Arc. Is PWE allowed to send you mail for Arc, Perfect World and other games? Turn it on so you can get codes in the future. Currency is available: you should get 9.90 gold in Arc on that account. Then it's up to you to send…
  • What we need are the snowmen. With the drops we can convert the 3 type of stones in to mirages. What we need is a squad where every member pay an amount of mirages: share the mirages == share the drops
  • No gold for you. (Didn't get my code so we are even, lol). To check if you get a code in the future open Arc you need to check your personal settings in Arc. Is PWE allowed to send you e-mail from Arc? Is PWE allowed to send you e-mail from PWI or …
  • answer was given before you wote your comment:: As for me: didn't get the code but wasn't online every day since the corona-outbreak.
  • No, accounts and characters are not deleted. Maybe the protection-settings on your new computer are too high. Start by checking the firewall.
  • Nothing wrong with the topic shimarra. However it's nice to know at least someone making screenshots of all the drama on Tideswell server. :D
  • Could be because of many players in the area. Solution would be (1) log in and try to move a bit, after dc log in again and move again or (2) log in on other computer (with more mem.) and move the character. Arc defender has to be turned off for thi…
  • Made a character and checked it. After hitting Apply this character is shown as a possible member. When pressing on Agree the character is gone. I relogged back to the new character and tried again. A message was shown that I already applied to the…
  • Did you follow https://pwi.gamepedia.com/Twilight_Sky_Quest_Chain ? Sky level should be upgraded.
  • There was already an answer on this somewhere in this Arc forum so yes, some people had this problem. You have to use the 32 bit version. First thing to do is to check if this problem is already written in this forum. Most of the time there is also …