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  • I can confirm this to be true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6iS74qQArw That seeker in the vid, she is one of the top scorers in the all-servers rank using slaying lvls and wep, along with nv2 gear instead of using her r9rr wep.
  • this instance came out months ago in pwcn, and it the max time is close to 2 hrs and that is with maxed farm buffs and redoing instances for best time with everything out of CD, that completion time by this veno is far below the threshold. It will just be a matter of time before the secret is out.
  • I believe itslLies, even if it was instant channeling, the time that it was completed is less than the time it takes to spawn and kill things, even if you can one shot bosses, it would still take over 1 hr 36 min, What I think happened is that right after the stage spawned, the person was able to glitch and have the timer…
  • Someone on TT server jsut finished the tower in 1 hr 36 min, this is just not possible based on fix spawn times of mobs/bosses/instance. -Protector celestial bead stage boss spawns at 5:20 x 12 = 1 hr 4 min (this doesnt even include the time it takes to kill boss) -Pilgrim stage o:55 x 12 =11 min (mobs are fixed spawn…
  • There's your problem...in red.
  • I have an account with just 1 toon, didnt get anything after logging on multiple times for the last few days, while alot got their's and others don't and others got it a few times on one account. They should really end this darn event now and give codes as a solution. so dumb! Is there a way to contact someone about it,…
  • That's like finding a legendary pokamon with shinny stats! :O
  • don't know if any one has posted this yet...its by Mel - vid of the last unlocked fsp room witha new boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HQJLgpThs
  • sweetie bot, please open 500 Glorious Mirth
  • You just got trolled, :D
  • There is another instance, just go look it up and find the map -Quit it-. ANd it's not like you know how to read Chinese. My other point is, our event calender isn't up to date with this expansion as it doesn't tell you all the dailies there are.
  • That one says it slows up to 6 people in, so it is not the same as the mirror flow thing with the sky pirate.
  • In pwcn, there was a new instance that came with it and also with a new daily. It is for up to 6 people in the squad. It looks like this: http://postimg.org/image/na42prca3/ Since there are NPCs outside, I think you must first have the correct astral level to get an entrance quest from them. There was also an instance map…
  • I didn't match a single number on my lottery ticket b:angry
  • This thread should be in the quality corner section. When the faction leader/marshal activates the event for the faction using the npc in teh faction base, it states that: "it will activate PK mode for all players," which it doesn't atm. See screen shot: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=20rp8uf&s=8#.U_Y5HGN7vPk
  • That flying mount is a lotus blossom. In the Chinese culture/Buddhism, it symbolizes purity and enlightenment. That mount is the same as the thingy that the bhuddist diety Guan Yin rides on like seen in this photo: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guan_Yin#mediaviewer/Archivo:Guan_yin_100.jpg It looks really awesome and…
  • Don't worry, they will switch back 2x next week in time for the expansion and anniversary.
  • Someone in my faction made this post a while back. You can scroll down to the reward section. She's not in the faction any more so I don't know how to reach her for more info. Revisions: 05/09/2014 - Creation of this post 08/05/2014 - Added the reward info for the events Territory Resource War - Faction PK Event (Supply…
  • Having only played a few months with a char isn't enough. The reason why you feel like you are not doing enough damage is probably because you are trying to kill mobs at close range and not at max range, or above the range limit for archers (5m ish). There is a damage reduction for archers at close range (when attacking…
  • Just 3 pigments? That's not enough to dye 99% of the dye-able fashion in existence xD Weird amount to give away. But it's free, still good I guess.
  • You guys had one job tonight, just that one job... b:surrender
  • SweetieBot please open 100 War Avatar A packs SweetieBot please open 200 War Avatar A packs