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  • Exactly. He came onto the server, and started trolling from day one. He threatened me with a ban over something stupid, and I told him to try me b:chuckle He hasn't since tried, and I suspect he won't after what I said to him. Ya know, unless I start doing something legitimately illegal on the server like trying to sell my…
  • I won't even justify that with an answer b:laugh If you would like to ask me a legitimate question, please properly read what I actually wrote first.
  • I never said they were entirely immune, and we can go on a ten page legal arguement war, but I doubt you have even read the full TOS, so I won't bother. I'm here to help out people who are truely concerned, not argue with trolls.
  • As I said, if you have no interest, feel free not to post. Yes, I'm fine with the removal of bots (which, by the way, the cleric bots in arch STILL haven't been removed even though I have directly reported it to Navi like ten times). What I'm saying is, for Navi to threaten to ban one particular faction (don't get me…
  • The GM currently popping up daily on Harshlands is Naviden.
  • I am quite free to talk about the legality of what they do :P And I don't know how extensively you have reviewed the TOS, or spoken to GMs about it... but they don't even know their own TOS lol. There are holes in the wording everywhere. Regardless, don't take it at face value, and always look to the law when something…
  • Time to spam the Neverwinter forums with PWI problems so we can actually get something fixed b:chuckle
  • I, personally, will never again touch one of their games. I'm super close to hitting the uninstall arc button, as is.
  • While I understand you would want to evolve the cute kitty... it's pretty futile. All evolved pets except the Harpy and Monkey King are one shots. Mind you... the Harpy is a two shot and the monkey is a three shot. I suggest before we petition for more evolved pets... we petition for them to make pets actually useful. The…
  • Exactly. Never let them threaten you with a ban like that. However, if you have never put any money into the game, there's not as much you can do unless it's a situation clearly against their ToS. Read carefully, present your arguement based on their ToS and asked for your ticket to be escalated. Anyone in this game who…
  • By not following their own ToS, they open themselves up to a host of lawsuits valued well above the amount they would have to pay out that way. Legal speak works two ways. And there have been plenty of instances in which they have attempted to ban players, and been unable to due to the difference in legislation between…
  • Simple response to their threat. Ban me for providing proof of incompetence of services provided, and expect to wind up in court. Honestly, the players should threaten class action if it's that consistant of a threat. Especially those that put money in. If you put money in, I would just say fine, but I demand a full…
  • You seem to think they know which cord goes where .-.
  • I have concluded that the GMs decided they wanted to go home from work early today... so **** the players.
  • I agree, but they would probably have to refund a lot of money if they did so. Along with that, they would lose a lot of potential customers on any of their other games. If they did that... I would never touch another game run by them, and I'm sure many people feel the same way. It's like shopping at a store where the food…
  • Honestly, the solution to the problem is simple. We all need to stop charging ANY money to PWI. I mean a server wide, organized protest. Someone has to show them what it means to be organized and work together. Honestly, I stopped charging any money, and I refuse to do so no matter what "rewards" come out until PWI fixes…
  • Just fix it all b:victory
  • Sure, the server is probably up. They just deleted our character list for us. Thought we'd all like to start off brand new b:chuckle
  • SweetieBot, can you just take over the GMs jobs please? Thank youuuub:laugh
  • Why you lie to me SweetieBot