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[Petition] - Our poor neglected pets...



  • kayareneekayarenee Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited February 2015
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    kayarenee wrote: »
    This looks like a NECRO!

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  • bailes021bailes021 Posts: 26 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    While I understand you would want to evolve the cute kitty... it's pretty futile. All evolved pets except the Harpy and Monkey King are one shots. Mind you... the Harpy is a two shot and the monkey is a three shot. I suggest before we petition for more evolved pets... we petition for them to make pets actually useful. The only pet I ever bother pulling out is the monkey... but not everyone is able to get one. We have a damage nerf because of our supposed ability to use pets, but 99% of the time, I don't even bother pulling one out anymore. Takes more time to res and heal it once it dies than anything.
  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    edited March 2015
    Year and a half old.... We'll have none of that!
    (Insert fancy image here)
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