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Teramat - Archosaur
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  • that is not true.....which class's stun skill is inferior to stormbringer? BM.......give me a break they have way too many control skills.....and a what AOE stun... Wizzy......they do have a seal skill...last time i check seal is much more advance than stun.... cleric.......they have sleep.....seal of god.....and the 100…
  • 1 more unbalanced thing for archer Archer stun skill takes 1.5s to channel, 3s - 5s (if sage) stun, 90% chance, 80% accuracy (approximately because i did miss alot using this skill), 15s cool down Stormbringer stun skill ( ice bullet) 1.5s channeling (can be shorten with -channeling, a SB can get up to -65% engame and sage…
  • Hi Sylen thunder...your signature is very insulting...just let you know...I am a RRR9 archer...and excuse me...R8, RR8, or RRR8 cleric got 1 hit..so there is no way you can kill a RRR9 archer..and what's the point of your signature? prove that you are better than others...why don't you say you are jealous of those who have…
  • Just found some pics about veno's new fox from and pet. May as well post here and new pet
  • Just want to ask a question I just read on the Chinese PW web. It says sage stormrange eagle decreases 50% phy and mag def not 50% phy and mag attack. Which is correct? I am sure it 's phy and mag def because i read that line many times Proud to be a sage archer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!