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[9th Anniversary] PWI Fan Appreciation

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Let's show some love to all our fans!

We've had amazing talent come through our doors over the years - from fierce competitions, to simply sharing what we all love!
This year for our 9th Anniversary, we want to show our appreciation to you - our fans, our players - and you get a few little extra goodies along the way!

How To Participate
Post your entry in the Fan Appreciation Thread (You Are Here!) on the official PWI forums! It's that simple!

Featured on our FB and Twitter Page
x1 Royal Guardian Mount


Participation Prize - x3 Dragon Orb Pack

Community Prizes
The more videoes/fanart/collages etc. that are submitted, there will be better prizes for all!
50 Fan Posts - Dreamchaser Pack Ticket + 50 Event Gold
100 Fan Posts - Fan Appreciation Pack + x3 Ancient Gifts

Fan Appreciation Pack

*Exclusive Title* For the Love Of
*Title Description* : this game, dearly beloved!



  • starglimrstarglimr Posts: 11 Arc User
    Am I first to post? o: Been playing almost since the beginning of PWI. I've tried other games but nothing else works for me. ty pwi!
  • asterelleasterelle πŸ¦πŸ§πŸπŸŽ€πŸ”₯🀹πŸ₯ΆπŸŒŸπŸŒΈπŸ§’🏹 Posts: 860 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    So this is for all PWI fan creations? Can I submit my site for this? I'm not the best artist here but the PWI site I made has been fairly popular for the past few years I think.


    I put a lot of effort into making the calculators to be fun to look at and easy to use. There is also a small community of sorts around the garden NPC tool where players can submit daily updates on the random NPC spawns so the rest of their server doesn't have to figure it out on their own.

    In terms of impact I'm pretty sure the genie tool was responsible for the rise in popularity of certain genie builds and the avatar calculator caused a wave of people on my server to abandon their random S avatars for good A sets.
  • miszdevil666miszdevil666 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Hallo Fellow Perfectworldians,
    So here is my two cents worth of fanart.
    Used to draw some Character inspired pictures for friends and faction mates.
    So heres a few to share with you guys.






  • shade13shade13 Posts: 631 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    The more videoes/fanart/collages etc. that are submitted, there will be better prizes for all!

    A question:
    Should the entries be new and created specially for this event? I'm sure players have a lot of earlier created stuff and if each one starts posting, there can be easily 50 entries from just one person monkey-47.gif

    I personally don't like to repost old stuff in fresh contests, but if it's encouraged...
  • baby777baby777 Posts: 4 Arc User
    I love PWI <3 Player since 2008
  • cerlecerle Posts: 40 Arc User
    It is old, but why not share anyways. Just a couple short drabbles about my characters and at the time, my in-game wife's characters. PWI Short Stories Series
  • indygamer2448indygamer2448 Posts: 1 Arc User
    thks for the codes
  • hitokriiraionihitokriiraioni Posts: 2 Arc User
  • xdarkangelkiaraxxdarkangelkiarax Posts: 36 Arc User
    These are a few portraits of some of my characters that I've created recently :)


  • veno123mancerveno123mancer Posts: 11 Arc User
    This art was not made by me, but by a good old friend I used to play with back in the day, who does not play the game anymore. Still, I really like the artwork

  • gseyes1gseyes1 Posts: 17 Arc User
    10 x 3.3/6.5 ( yes you see right ) enhance-able Flyers with "Thank you for helping support Perfect World".
  • hyungmaster10hyungmaster10 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Hello, I'm NightoBeauty from Etherblade. I have played PWI since 2010 and still enjoying the game. OPKfOKi.png

    I really like this scene from the Tidesborn trailer and decided to draw it.

    Post edited by hyungmaster10 on
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    Been playing PWI for so long just keep coming back to it can't stay away apparently :D
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • eylenaaeylenaa Posts: 44 Arc User
    My screenshotthread I started back in 2013; https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi#/discussion/762143/enthanas-screenshots/p1

    Unfortunately photobucket messed up some of my older post's recently and can't be seen anymore and I cant go back and edit them either since I posted them on the old forum but all screenshots starting from page 3 are still there.
  • kittymofokittymofo Posts: 7 Arc User
    My attempt of making a PWI comic strip from years ago...
  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    I'm running and PWI is still alive...
    21318874_1097004453774508_5258654245737253292_o.jpg?oh=db18ec46512fd98fb6d9c9d05e68bd30&oe=5A19D361 (=
  • riousrious Posts: 1 Arc User
    Thx pwi.
  • ReaperQueen - Twilight Temple

    I'm new here, I started playing in January 2017.
    I didn't have a good experience on Tideswell, but I was well received on Twilight Temple.
    I wish all new players are Welcome.
    I want to play the PWI for the next 9 years or more.

  • cyberomega45cyberomega45 Posts: 175 Arc User
    edited September 2017

    I created my barb on September 1, 2012. He is now 105/105/105. Surprised I found an old picture of him.
    Post edited by cyberomega45 on
  • ensarekensarek Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    I created Onaja in October of 2008, she was my first character and I have been playing her ever since. I've always liked pet handling classes. Even though I'm a guy, playing a Veno never bothered me. B)

  • ensarekensarek Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    I started playing PWI in October of 2008. My first character was Onaja a Veno, I've always have liked pet handling classes. Even though I'm a guy, I've never had a problem playing a Veno B) .


  • muh14muh14 Posts: 12 Arc User
    I play PWI since 2009.Started with a Cleric because my Main Char was a Cleric before on PWMS.
    2010 i discovered my love for playing Assasin <3 So my old Alt became to my Main.
    And after all these Years,somehow still addicted to play B):)

  • iamnotnormaliamnotnormal Posts: 66 Arc User
    Server: Twilight Temple
    IGN : MalenaNorthway
    Class: Assassin
    Lvl: 102,101,100
    Guild : :) Honesty
    Joined: February 2017

    Playing pwi was a lot of fun when I started luckily i got in a friendly guild called honesty.
    bought my first mount using the price money from events of our guild.
    Catopsis organized good events. TreasureHunting events , Royal Quiz (named after a player who keeps getting correct answer from the quiz(RoyalWiz)) and find the noob.
    Our guild events made playing everyday fun.
    Drak helped me with my bh and stuff. and also loaned me a dagger hook and thorn which I used from level 100 - rb2 100 helped my way to killing stuff.
    Funtastik loaned me tt90 armors that helped me survive my first flowing silver run.
    diablo, khazblade and rest of kickrocks who helped me run full GV culti thats insanely long.
    my permanent BH party
    JarlCain,vesper,lona and rest of obsolete people. thank you for letting this noob join ur bh <3
    my friends jhadevier, minahoang(waterjasmine) (did u quit?)(3 sisters on honesty <3 )
    Marek who tediously run PV with tme.
    Alexcion who helped me with almost everything. <3
    vornax who gave me superinventory stone.
    Inu who gave me gazillion of stuff and lessons on sins kinda. .
    Mageyalook who gave me cube badge.
    sorry if i cant mention everybody's name in here who helped me a long the way.
    well i experienced a lot of stuff.
    good and bad. it was a fun journey.,

    let's have a fun adventure together. everybody. even not in this game.
    idk if im quitting yet or not. but yeah., it was fun.
  • hellwingwatlzhellwingwatlz Posts: 20 Arc User
    I've been playing PWI for 8 years now. Originally started playing with a Cleric, which it was a totally mess, so I started playing with a BM (using blades). I've been in many guilds. The best one was IceStorm until the Guild leader died in rl, a very sad situation. After that the guild got disbanded and I've been just jumping from many little factions, mostly Crowded with alts.
    In an epic bh69 I got an screenshot which make me win an even here in pwi.
    also I made a wallpaper with my toons (the seeker and the sin are just shop now), and I play the cleric very rarely(its a pill baby now).
    somehow I'm still enjoying the game.
    Long live PWI.
  • veno123mancerveno123mancer Posts: 11 Arc User
    I dont think there's enough artists'/people interested in creative and craftsy things to reach 100 posts... that's so sad, I really wanted to get the "For the Love Of". Can one person post multiple entries (different content)? I will start drawing and posting screenshot collages, memes and videos lol...
  • edited September 2017
    Hello all,

    I didn't put as much effort in this little tool as @asterelle has (Thank you btw for your helpful tools Asterelle! I always use your genie calculator before statting any points on a new one.), but I made a little tool for helping people with doing DH (the dice part).

    URL to the tool...

    It seems to have been already slightly helpful tho. So far a total of almost 50k 'dice calculations' have been made, from all over the globe.

    (Ps. Thank you all for the support and for sharing it.)

    Encanis - Tideswell
  • camaroman1040camaroman1040 Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Bunny HUGS TO DEATH!
  • dianariadianaria Posts: 5 Arc User
    OMG! I remember the first day PWI went live online. LOL Well, here's a pic of me. Geez, I'm old folks now. :)

    To Perfect World International and All Of It's Fantastic Players


  • panttahtipanttahti Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Setari - Dawnglory

    Finally a place where I can say thank you for everything PWI have done for me over the years!
    I started to play in 2009 when I was looking for that one perfect MMO for me. I tried many before but they just didn't have what I was looking for. Quickly enough I grew fond of this game, made a ton of friends and simply enjoyed! It was sort of my safe heaven away from parents divorce, high-school dramas and poisonous relationships, you know, regular teenage things everyone faces nowadays. Although back then I would have never suspected how this game will turn my real life around.

    I played as Barb, yes I know, why a girl would play a character which is male, well, its all about game-play I suppose and this race just suited me the most! There is something about that because a lot of people from my friend list were barbs as well haha! Nevertheless, in 2011 I met the most annoying barb of them all who always picked on me and tried to be funny. Weirdly enough we became very close friends and soon enough started to have feelings for each other. Skype and TeamSpeak is where my beloved faction used to hang out and also there me and my friend used to talk a lot. Despite cultural differences, language barrier and so on we decided to meet each other in real life, and so in 2012 I flew half of the world to meet someone I didn't even see before. Crazy isn't it. As you might have guessed by now, those travels became more frequent, every 3/4 months we would fly to see each other and that heart-breaking cycle lasted 3 years, due to the army duty my fellow barbarian had to go through. Once that was over we got married, away from families and troubles and moved together to England.

    Thanks for reading my story till the end, so you see, PWI not only let me meet the love of my life but also gave me a lot of courage to be independent, helped me to learn more languages and improve the ones I know, and also allowed both me and my husband to meet one of our best friends in real life who we are also in very close contact with. PWI completely turned my life around and I will never be thankful enough for it!
    Now that we settled and got ourselves awesome internet and computers we are back again in the game! However, my hubby prefers Sins rather than Barbs now...traitor! :,D

    Post edited by panttahti on
    signature.png ~Setari

  • uchijawaruchijawar Posts: 59 Arc User
    well i have to say tahnks Kalyst u are the first gm who we care who is ready to answer us any we ask and to the tools what asterrele give us thanks
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