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[9th Anniversary] PWI Fan Appreciation



  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    Wyvelin of Twilight Temple here! Many old players also remember me as Desdi.

    1. Artwork
    Most of my PWI artwork is just sketches but I do have two finished pieces. A drawing of my character Wyvelin (from 2017) and a drawing of my game husband's Assassin (from 2013) before he turned male.

    2. Content
    I have a YouTube channel where I post guides, information, and occasionally some funny/goofy or artistic (mostly Homestead) videos. These videos are from the Venomancer point of view with generally Venomancer-oriented tips, but many videos can be useful to players regardless of class. Over the years I've posted instance walkthroughs with tips, skill information for Venomancers, expansion and content update information, pet information etc. Of course there are also PvP videos for those interested in PvP.

    I've also written a number of guides on the PWI forums (mostly for Venomancers), but I've moved them all to the PWI gamepedia by now. Currently, I'm taking care of the PWI gamepedia together with @obielle. The gamepedia has come a long way since we took over, and a lot of people have messaged us saying how great and useful it has become.

    Of course, we don't take full credit for it since a lot of information was already there from previous contributors, and we did have recent contributions from other players. But the gamepedia used to be largely outdated, poorly formatted, rather messy and had a lot of broken images. I'm just happy and proud to see PWI has a use-able gamepedia again and people actually go there for information!

  • ekclypseekclypse Posts: 8 Arc User
    In 2001 I was 19 y/o and had just lost my HS sweetheart and love of my life, when her inner demons and traumatic abuse at home became too much for her to cope with, even with my full hearted and devoted support, and she took her own life. I was devestated and the light at the end of my tunnel seemed to blink out of existance. After months of mourning a concerned friend of mine sugguested I join him in playing a mmorpg he had been playing for awhile called Everquest. The commitment and fraternal nature of the game allowed my brain to stay occupied, and the friends I made in game that counted on me on a daily basis was just the environment I needed to allow the wound to my soul to scar, and gave me the strength to go back to college and become a productive member of society again.

    Then in 2010 it happened again. The only woman, since the loss of my HS sweetheart, whom I had allowed myself to love again, planned to start a family of our own, and spend the rest of my life with was taken from me and this world by a drunk driver in a fatal car accident. Again, after finally being able to entirely open up to a gf emotionally only to lose her to fate, I found myself crippled and almost completely lost. Remembering my past experience with the mmorpg world I reached out and found PWI. I dove head first into the Raging Tides server and immersed myself in the game in order to keep myself occupied with the hope of being able to heal the rehashed hole in my heart. I even started my own faction as a lvl 40 noob named "DvineSoul" in honor of her memory. Over time between occupying my brain, making new friends, and the fraternal/social aspect of the game PWI allowed my rehashed emotional wound to scar over once again, and eventually renewed my vigor to rejoin the real world as a positive contributing member of society. My brother and I started our own very successful waste-to-fuel recycling company in 2011. I have played off and on since 2010, when time in rl allowed for me to do so, and I recently rejoined the game in 2017. Most of my friends that I made when I started no longer play, but the few that do, and the memories of the times when all of them were the only ones i felt i could turn to during the darkest hours of my real life, I am forever thankful to and for. If it wasn't for their support, there is no doubt in my mind that I could have very well let the darkness devour me and extinguish what was left of my light at the time. In a sense, PWI truely saved my life; at the least from a dismal life void of positivity, vigor, and love; at the most from giving up entirely.


    David aka

    lvl 102 Wizard
    lvl 101 Barbarian
    Raging Tides Server


    rb2 lvl 100 Wizard
    Tideswell Server

    "Varden" at heart, "Prophecy" in rebirth, and a "DvineSoul" forever.
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