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Public Quest 3 - Yes it's been awhile since it's been discussed...

jadasiajadasia Posts: 520 Arc User
edited September 2015 in Dungeons & Tactics
I just traded 25 nightspike crystals I got from a pack chest for a sky cover ring. I WC that I wanted to trade it for a cloud stir because I wanted the -6 channeling instead of the p def and p attack. I got a wall of blue text from so many pleading for that ring with various offers. I got to thinking how freaking hard is public quest 3?

I did some digging through the forums and learned how glitched the quest is and learned the workaround. I did the PQ3 for the 1st time today and got my nightspike crystal prize at the end and what did you know...it really isn't that big of a deal.

The issue with the quest chain is that there are 5 parts to the quest chain to complete.

1- 200 mobs - easy for me. I just auto culti through those.
2 - dig 6 pillars and kill the mini boss that spawns - not a problem for my nix, Rabies and me.
3 - kill 6 more brutal mobs that spawn on the platform at the center of the dug up pillars. Again not an issue.
4 - kill 30 of the boss's guards lined in 2 rows up a path to the boss's spawn point. Meh - took some time but yeah, not a problem.

5 - kill the boss with 28 mil HP that spawns. Boss caught a bad case of Rabies and died a slow agonizing death.

After that the contribution is calculated and the prize chest appears.

However here is the issue:

After each stage of the public quest is completed the next stage automatically tries to begin and then fails. The work around is to run back to the NPC and take the quest again then return to the mobs and etc. This is hardly an issue. It might be a minor inconvenience but considering that everyone must do this to get the reward it wouldn't change the competition much.

However after the boss dies the player must rush from where the boss spawns to the NPC and take the quest before the contribution is totaled and the prize is awarded and then rush back to the boss spawn point to click on the chest to take the prize. This part must be done within 30 seconds or so or the player will not get the award.

The easiest way I dealt with that on my very 1st run was to lure the boss to the NPC. Being a veno luring was quite a natural thing for me to do. I ran over the hill and straight to the NPC. Allowing the boss to catch up. I didn't want it to reset by running too far too fast. At the NPC not only do the 2 guard NPCs next to the messenger NPC rush out to do some DD themselves (not much though) and die often (they respawn and rush back to the fight) but when the boss dies it is super easy to pick the quest again because I was right there at the NPC. I jumped on my fly mount and got to the boss's spawn point and took my reward with time to spare.

As many players as there are on HH server there was nobody down there. It really is a simple solution to the glitched quest and I am really surprised that more players aren't taking advantage of the free alternative to get the sky cover or the cloud stir rings.

Just wanted to share this with everyone because it is there for us to take advantage of with a very simple workaround.

Happy gaming...​​
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  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    I appreciate the info, but as i have stated countless times, in the QC thread, http://forum.arcgames.com/pwi/discussion/754928/public-quest-3-is-glitched/p3.

    There is another glitch. At the end of your run, after you do all those things, a friend and i did all the steps. She got the contribution, the game even added my contribution, but at the end, it showed me as 0 contribution.


    There is no work around for that.​​
  • mynamewasstolenmynamewasstolen Posts: 54 Arc User
    did you talk to the NPC soon enough? If you wait too long to talk to the NPC - your "0 contribution" is likely due to you actually being counted as part of the NEXT run (IE after the rewards phase) even though the quest hasn't reset yet.
    By the light of the moon, our true forms are revealed.
  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 742 Community Moderator
    Heh, this whole PQ3 business with it being broken is like beating a dead horse. I've personally done hundreds and hundreds of PQ3s (close to 800 runs with basic math) and never had the 0 contribution issue unless I'm too slow. Anyone else who did tampered around with something or did something other than what you're supposed to do with the workaround, but discussing it further's been pretty pointless.

    Anywho, I used to run PQ3s about 3 times a week and it was pretty empty whenever I brought a group along, was a rare occurrence for me to come across someone else randomly doing it and whenever I invited them along they generally didn't tag along for long. Part of the reason people don't run it is the low chance to actually make a ring with 25 Nightspike Crystals (it's a 9% chance). If you wanna go higher than that, it's between 50 and 200 runs with various success rates, and for a lot of people that can take a while and takes dedication. It can also very easily become a huge waste of time.

    With the schedule I had set up it would've taken about 13 to 14 weeks to get the maximum of 200 crystals which is a pretty long time for a ring you have an 80% chance of making anyway. This is considering I had a strong aps sin with me all the time so runs took under 20 minutes, not everyone might have that luxury. It can be easier to just save up for one in that amount of time.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    did you talk to the NPC soon enough? If you wait too long to talk to the NPC - your "0 contribution" is likely due to you actually being counted as part of the NEXT run (IE after the rewards phase) even though the quest hasn't reset yet.

    That screen shot was taken just as the boss was killed. This issue does happen, i am just happy that it doesn't happen often.​​
  • zoner112012zoner112012 Posts: 943 Arc User
    Well written post. Should put it up as a guide in the guide part of forums. Many do know this though. The reason most don't do it is cuz of time and the fact that 25 shards doesn't guarantee a ring.
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