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Random event day

WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
edited August 2014 in General Discussion
Seriously WTF.

As if european people arent ****ed enough by event times in PWI. Now they make an even that is randomly at one of 2 days. So you can try 2 times being online at 5AM.

This is too ****.
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  • Xainou - SanctuaryXainou - Sanctuary Posts: 5,369 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Other games got events that you can do anytime of the day \o\

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  • Veneir - DreamweaverVeneir - Dreamweaver Posts: 3,541 Arc User
    edited August 2014

    Most events would make more sense being all of the day, yeah... not so sure about guild related ones, though?
    I would like to support the different timezones here, but I have a hard time with that since Morai exists... even though there's social issues. :x It's easier to troll games about when they host their events if they went 'derp I'm going to buy the EU verson of ____ and not give them a server or any care!'. PWI made an attempt like four years ago or somthing.
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  • Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Even if it was in my time zone, I'd still find it pretty annoying that it's a random event like that.
    Everything's turning into randomness. Gamble World International.

    Oh well -shrugs-
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