This new marketing aproach and crappy sales.

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So is there any evidence that since the orbs quit getting cheaper an got more expensive...and the packs....Is this making it better to play the game? Is this getting more people to play an spend ? Is this just getting people to resort to leaving for private servers where you don't have to spend enough money for a car to get an end game character.

I want the +11 an +12 orbs back for the same price they were last time. Plenty of time to make them "stable" ....

Definitely want the one star an 10 star 5 packs back for thier 6 month ago prices.

It is just too hard to consider spending money on a game this old if the prices aren't alot more reasonable.
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    ya like we have all the numbers on a spread sheet.

    i can tell from several economic indicators in the game generally when a sale fails. they have had about 3 fail sales in a row now. so be patient. the tiger/coral/ocean orb 5-packs and 1* d-orbs will all be back. don't you worry.
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    I no longer care either way. If they bring back decent priced "sales" I'll refine my gear. If not, I won't. Simple.

    With the 6 month TW reset effectively removing 90% of my motivation to improve my gear, it's easy not to care one way or the other.