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    The Wizard and Blade master going to be the new op class. Out of all the new skills I seen they have the best. The point of the new skill is to make pvp back fun again, instead of everyone picking sins and fist bms stun and auto attacking you. You worried about telestuns? Don't forget we have a self buff distant shrink that also purify us. Archer new stealth? well they cannot move or buff themself or they will be knocked out of stealth. Like I said the bms and Wizard got the good part of the stick this expansion it,s about time they start showing some wizard love, took them almost 4yrs. Also note the seeker got some nice skills as well.
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    too little , too late.
    most of the high rated wizards quit. the full r9 running around are either cash shopped toons or ex-sin alts, both cases leading to severe lack of skill usually.
    nothing will change with this expansion, as it will take a while to acquire all those goodies skills.
    By that time, at least 2 other direct competitor MMOs will be out.
    b:bye pwi
    It was fun
    FiveAps - PvE char made from half as.s unbound gear sold by a wizard, doing 18x the damage and 10x the money the wizard was ever capable of. b:laugh . Only in PWI.
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    I am neither a cash shopped no skill wiz nor a sin alt, tyvm >:O
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    Im a R8 wiz as main, first class, my alt is a 102 barb. Thank you. I still prefer my wiz over any other class, even though it is much weaker, it is a lot more fun to play.
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