Mystic summons (a small guide on summons)



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    thanks that was really helpful <3
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    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this (i'm to tired to read every single reply b:surrender ) ... but, a much easier way to unsummon our spirit-friend, is to get an all-class-baby pet or a mount, once you summon them, for example, devil, or any other of our guide-spirits, will be gone ^_^

    Also, you can order him to stand in one place, and then, once u get far enough he'll just dissapear ( but aww, why leave it all alone in middle of nowhere) i vote for summoning baby pet ^^

    You can also summon it again but cancel the skill really quick, i've had to cancel cragglord summon couple times when i don't mean to use it yet b:surrender
    Chaos is an ally not something to avoid...After all, how can your foes stand up to you if they have no idea what your next move will be?

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    Good idea o.o b:thanks

    So yeah, basicly, plenty of ways to retrieve our beloved spirit-pal :3 b:pleased
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    Great guide, though the only issue I noticed is that our pets are an easy 1 hit with other players in pvp,nw,tw. As well as some bosses, so I kinda wish our pets could evolve to fix that at 100 like veno pets do, maybe give them cool looking armour or something x3 also the way to have to unsummen them is kinda irritating, seeing as there seems no other way than described.

    But i still love my mystic lol, we are so underestimated xD