Whats your fav BH run?

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Ok so today I was thinking about how much fun it is to run the BH 39, but then I got thinking well hey a lot of people hate that run hmm I wonder what one they like the most. So I decided to make topic to disscuss what BH run everyone like the most. SO why not leave a post telling us which BH run is your fav.

Now remember everyone is different so please dont be rude or mean to some one just because they might like a BH run that you don't like.
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  • LloydAsplund - Sanctuary
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    I love 59. Though I only did that once.
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    59 is definitely my favorite. It's so easy, it's free, and it doesn't take very long if your squad is competent.
    My second favorite is 69, because it's the cheapest of the ones you have to pay for and is pretty easy as well. lol
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    even though it cleans my clock. I like 69, being a veno in there is never boring
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    59 is the easiest, but I really enjoy 69 because it's not just IH, IH, IH, IH...
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  • Herne_Hunter - Sanctuary
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    warsong BH with right squad = 30- 45 mins maxed. love it. Free, good items, and what not ?

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  • Mumintroll - Heavens Tear
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    FB 59. I remember time when higher levels told me how difficult is to do 59 without wines. But it wasn't so many high levels there. Not like nowadays. Without wines nobody wanted to do it.b:laugh
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    59. 5959595959.
    All mag mobs makes life easier for arcanes. At close range they go physical, unaffecting heavies. With a competent squad, it can go by quite quickly. And it doesn't look as drab as BH39. Or 51. Or 29.

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  • XanZerstorer - Dreamweaver
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    29. Seriously. Less than 10 minutes and it's dead.

    51 isn't horrible either... I hate it, but less than 59. 59 has the damned wall runners.
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  • Felizia - Lost City
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    mhm .. only love Drake in BH59 xD
    and ohh hated first bh51... but nao thinking back.. i miss it ;x
    was rl fun etc xD
  • RainKilganon - Lost City
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    Unwined BH79 Stygean. Haven't really gotten to the point where I do the other 79 bosses, but an unwined Stygean is soooo fun for a veno. I love being in control of the BH because of me having to lure all the mobs. Plus a good squad can finish that in 15-20 mins max.
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  • Jhalil - Heavens Tear
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    29. Seriously. Less than 10 minutes and it's dead.

    51 isn't horrible either... I hate it, but less than 59. 59 has the damned wall runners.

    I don't think that 29 should be counted, since you go through your 40's within 2 days tops with the Tideborn quest chain and CS. I personally only ran it twice before I hit my 50's

    Favorite? BH59 no doubt. With a good squad it's a walk in the park.
    Which I hated? BH39. HOLY EFFING SH*t I hated that dungeon. Not only did it waste so much of my charm being a BM and those explosive mobs would take out more than half each time. It was incredibly annoying to go through as well having to backtrack after killing certain bosses. Not to mentioned all the magic mobs in there. Not good for a BM's health.

    51 is alright, easy as hell but I get really frustrated when Rankar takes his half hour walk.
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  • Celestyna - Heavens Tear
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    BH100 - Warsong with RB being a close second
    BH90-99 - I like eden best, but brim is good too just have to watch out for the two rangers. styg, brig and linus are my least favorites (best 3 run i think is 89-styg-brig or linus)
    BH80-89 I really disliked nob and pole so gonna go styg here as its a faster run generally and can be done unwined
    BH70-79 (never done)
    BH60-69 Fushuma
    BH50-59 Farren i HATE the bombs..
    BH40-49 well duh.. but serious i wish they were all so fast and easy b:surrender
  • XxIfritxX - Lost City
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    same as the others 59 is the best for me

    sometimes u don't even have to tank :P
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  • _DarkSeph_ - Sanctuary
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    bh59 drake. Awesome BH. Anything that takes 10 minutes and can be solo healed by a 5 mag cleric is pretty awesome in my books.

    Least favourite pole, bh69. Too many bad memories of being put in tank job with several archers and a single cleric who doesn't know what purify is. b:surrender
  • Davitiel - Heavens Tear
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    My favorite is BH59 since its free, quick, and easy. Second place goes to BH79 since I can squad with lvl 90+ people and have a little more room to attack rather than heal all the time.

    My least favorite is BH39, everytime I go there to help it's a bust. It's way too long with too many monsters and someone always goes out of the way and gets killed or gets us all killed. Never going into that instance again. b:surrender
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  • OneHottShot - Heavens Tear
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    89 Eden

    Its pretty, and the mobs drop apocolypse pages. Kinda tough to beat that!
  • StormHydra - Sanctuary
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    IDK why but I love BH39. The music is cool too. THe whole drumming thing.
    FB59 Wood and Water valleys are good, too.

    BTW. The definition of "favourite" is a run thats fun, I dont really care how fast it is. I guess thats why i like bh39 cause its kinda long but enjoyable.
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  • Sheeeba - Dreamweaver
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    I liked bh59, with the exception of zimo and his damn wall runner buddies. 29 and 39 are cool too, except it's nearly impossible to get a competent squad for 29 most days lol (thank god my bm is almost out of that range). Of course, i'm not looking forward to 39's really with my bm...those damn exploding chickens are gonna be really annoying, but i'm sure i'll still have a lot of fun.

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