Maintenance EU Time Zone Changes. 10/30/22

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Please Feel Free to Update If needs Be. Please remember to keep checking for updates.

Time Zone Changes overnight may affect the servers. Please be prepared for this if it does happen. This will happen before 2am as the servers have to be off-line when the time change happens or there would be corruption and overwrite issues.
Please allow a fair time before the servers come back on-line. Downtime is expected to be 2 hours but may vary depending on progress.

All Servers will be taken offline for this to make sure the Cross Server events work correctly.
WARNING - Last time bases where also reset. This included Chivalry Points/ Trials / Trials Rewards in Safe / Loyalty Funds / Faction Points. THIS WILL ONLY AFFECT EU SERVER THIS TIME!

**Please check your times for X-Server events such as XNW and XTW as it may vary if you live outside the EU or your clocks do not change.

Euro Servers - Dawnglory / Cross Server
For Time Zone Changes Click Here.

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  • heerohex#3018
    heerohex#3018 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,544 Community Moderator
    Sorry rush this one just really busy at the moment. Lack of sleep may affect the post as well.

    As usual question and any problems let us know.

  • kathiawellina
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    Will we be getting the standard compensation code that we usually get for the lost loyality points, or get something different this time, as we had a 5x redeemable code as compensation for the wait on fountain of fate expansion?

    Edit: Since the Daylight savings maintenance the Bounty Hunter on the Archosaur platform is missing on Dawnglory.
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  • widowdee
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    Hopefully, they will remember to not take away the faction points this time when the US time change takes place this weekend! They keep deleting them 4 times a year with the time changes. Someone in programming should make sure this doesn't happen since the factions work hard for their points to keep their bases open and get the boosts from them. But if not, it will be nothing out of the ordinary. And of course no compensation for **** us up.
  • phil813
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    No they did not remember to not take away the faction points this time when the US time change took place. Not only that, they reset the Twilight Temple server at 11 pm instead of 12 pm causing other issues.
  • den28nl
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    so will we receive compensation for losing faction point due to DST?
  • choasdriver
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    The Floor is Lava!