Wildwalker R9rrr

kartter Posts: 152 Arc User
Any idea when the wildwalker gets their r9rrr gear? some boundles pieces are in the forges but not r9rrr......


  • puangi#2208
    puangi#2208 Posts: 77 Arc User
    Response from GM regarding boundless gear for WildWalker "I discussed your request with our higher-ups and there are no plans to release the Dustfall Ultimate Artifact for the US version at this time. However, you can save the items for future use"
  • soldestinyray
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    edited September 22
    So... We can't get r9s3 made for pwi verison nor can we get CN R9 for wilkwalker... Guess i'm stuck with g16 gear and have to farm g17 weapon...
  • yoda3160
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    Sounds to me like their basically saying they don't know if or when the new classes will get the upgraded gear everyone else has, or china is done making custom gear for our version so we don't get either for classes that don't already have them. Another possibility would be if they plan to remove the custom gear for our version eventually (as the forges being missing for a while could have indicated) or plan to bring it more inline with the china version so there doesn't have to be as many changes in the future.