Stuck on a box in NR

venodeno#3957 Posts: 1 Arc User
I'm stuck on some boxes in NR and cannot move my toon anymore. Town portal doesnt work, I tried everything! There used to be a way to contact a GM, but now I have to send in a ticket, so I might be stuck here for a month, till they answer it. Anyone a good idea?


  • sjampie
    sjampie Posts: 614 Arc User
    If Town Portal didn't work, contact a Psychic and he/she can summon you to Archosaur (if he/she has the summon skill of course)
  • kuglepen
    kuglepen Posts: 37 Arc User
    Teleport incenses sometimes work even if town portal doesnt, otherwise get a seeker to transposition you out (and they can teleport to you right after)