--Highest level (Moon light crystal stat)--

duo to the weird and bad way of translating this stat ,its really getting hard to understand what exactly does this stat actually do...

Is it an offensive only stat ?

does it have any kind of defensive effects ?

does it stack with our lvl ?for example if my toon is lvl 105 ,would having 2 Highest level count my toon as if its 107 ?thus carry the lvl diff effects of high lvl toon atking low lvl toon and such

if a sin stealth while having Highest level, he can still be seen, thus it won't stack with lvl of the toon, but if u hover ur mouse on the C menu of your toon phy/mag def it clearly shows that u take less damage from ppl having the exact same Highest level as you....

which raise another question, is the reduction of damage taken is only exclusive to targets that share the exact same Highest level, or u still included with ppl that have less or more ?

thanks in advance !

The GG


  • hokker#1570
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    It just reduces the resistance, it has nothing to do with your level or defense, Highest Level is just a ''name'' it doesn't affect stealth or make you take less damage

    I have access to a test server and I tested this.
    30 highst level, damage dealt: 28610
    20 Highest level, damage dealt: 26628
    10 Highest Level, damage dealt: 24609
    2 Highest Level, damage dealt: 22984
    0 Highest Level, damage dealt: 22574

    pic from the other server I play(pwbr)

    The info when you hover just shows the amount of reduction you'll suffer if your enemy has the same Highest Level as you, but if he has more then the reduction will be greater than the shown in the stats

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    Thanks a lot i thought i will never get an answer.

    1 more thing, can you by any chance test the effect of

    2 Highest lvl damage (alrdy there )

    10 dex damage

    20 dex damage

    30 dex damage

    +40 phy atk

    +2 atk lvl damage

    each one on its own

    will be massive help thanks a lot.

    The GG