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Phoenix Pet For Returning Veno?

bloodrayne29bloodrayne29 Posts: 34 Arc User
Hi im returning to PWI and now have the baby herc and the harpy for my veno but wondered if it was worth getting the baby phoenix to use as my air pet, i know a lot of guides say its the best but they are all outdated in 2021 so if anyone can let me know thanks xx


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 1,111 Community Moderator
    I'm not a veno so I probably won't be too helpful here...it does depend on what you intend to use the pet for (PvE or PvP). The good thing about legendary pets is that they are all-terrain once they have been evolved, so you can essentially pick any of the legendary pets. I don't think phoenix is a popular option these days because of that.

    The wiki does include some information on each legendary pet which is probably better than any advice I can give, though I don't know if it has been updated to reflect the most recent updates which made pets inherit more of the veno's stats.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • bloodrayne29bloodrayne29 Posts: 34 Arc User
    i read through the stickied guides for veno nd most seem to discourage the phoenix and that its only useful for pvp so will just stick with my harpy and new herc but i am struggling to farm meat for him and i think the pwi dtabase doesnt work anymore the wiki mobs that drop it i think are too low based off my characters lvl
  • plushie666plushie666 Posts: 47 Arc User
    edited March 17
    Im a veno, and i also dont use the phoenix pet. If you want a pvp pet go for the monkey king.
    Regarding the pet food, try to make a low lvl char and farm it with him? Also do it when x2drop rate is on.
    Because its a rare drop.
    Also when u feed your pet it gains loyalty points. But they never lose it anymore.
    So you just need to feed it up to 999/999 then they never get hungry again or need food again.
    There are some catshops in archosaur that sells pet food not so expensive and you only need food for 999 loyalty points.

    Hope this was helpfull

    Have a nice day
  • bloodrayne29bloodrayne29 Posts: 34 Arc User
    i thought that was true i fed my herc to 999 and it died once when i was lvling him and his loyalty didnt go down im so happy, i have enough cookies someone kindly gave me, so i can use them to fill up all my pets so thanks for clarifying that for me.
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