BM on BR

I woudl ask why bm cant disarm on BR, Disarming is part of BM defend system for opeonets like DB SIN or Seeker. Now on Br we simply got paralise (Dragon rising) and stun (Roar of pride)(ofc without disarm).And pls dont tell me we got now 2 more imoblising skils yea we got bouth cost lot of chi and its imobilise not stun or praslie, BMs now cant recover chi fast, cant safe chi, and cant disarm on BR. Now its totaly not playable class. I got impresion the persone who is responsible for bm improwments was on holidays when they did this update.


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    Im pretty sure that I read in one of the PWCN updates that they fixed this.
    In expecting we are getting this the next expansion/content update - so in like half a year or whatever.
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    im guessing battle of survival
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    im guessing battle of survival

    Yer, it's funny how each server has different ways of calling instances.

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    heero200 wrote: »
    im guessing battle of survival

    Yer, it's funny how each server has different ways of calling instances.


    same way ppl call Adventure Kingdom also Wonderland, while Wonderland was just the PWI release version
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    I don't know if I'm right, but no class can disarm the op in BR / BoS

    Be it BM, Seeker, or any other class that has a disarming skill, none can use what looks equal and the status of all matched.
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    Disarming along wont fix much for BMs in BR/BoS but I agree, they struggle a bit in comparison to the other melee classes due to the simple fact that BMs rely heavily on accuracy, have relatively low crit rate and all skills are basically slow af. A sin can deal roughly 3x as much damage by just spamming red eli and golden Life Hunter in comparison. Yes, BMs have lots of CC and debuff but all of them are also pretty damn slow and require lots of Chi.

    Atm, BM is pretty weak in BR due to this, esp since BMs have nearly no saves and usually get an advantage by just having higher resistances than anyone else, which yet again, matters not in BR/BoS cause due to the buff drops, anyone is at cap def, same att lvl, same def lvl, so it comes down to the attack speed and amount of saves usually. Yes, BMs have at least 2 insanely hard hitting skills, atm even one physical and one magical or depending on the glyph 2 magical even but those skills, as strong as they may be, if they dont crit or zerk, since they are still slow af, you won't always get the kill with them.

    All not an issue tho, yes, its a bit harder atm but I personally like the challange and with the next skill update, if you get a decent damage sword, BMs will be redeemed again cause the amount of damage AND NON-MISSING SKILLS (FINALLY) BMs get for Swords is insane. Accuracy still punishes BMs the most, useless mechanic.