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ramjett59ramjett59 Posts: 1 Arc User
Can Dev's Or Someone plz fix the crashes when you port to diff area's example port to morai/primal etc


  • aradrielaradriel Moony Mender Posts: 72 Arc User
    Just want to second this, not that I think any devs read these posts =/ but as I mentioned in Support Desk - I crash constantly when trying to access Ulfgard, I can't even do the dailies there for the new passive items. And I crash randomly teleporting into new areas as well. I'm on the 32 bit client and have all graphics on minimum. This is a new issue, I didn't have to deal with it until a month ago. Just makes the game feel unplayable. =/
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  • oldphart55oldphart55 Posts: 28 Arc User
    it seems most of my crashes come when i log my wiz at times it also happens when i log other alt's too lucky not to my main
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  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,877 Community Moderator
    This is not the easiest of things to try but I would check your files by pressing the Verify button on the patcher.

    I used to crash at some points as well this did help in some but not all.

  • kerry#8911 kerry Posts: 1 Arc User
    i keep on crashing please fix it thanks
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