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Help me with my MA thesis on games - survey

Hi guys ! I have a massive favor to ask ! I am currently writing my MA thesis on gender in online gaming and I have prepared a survey that I hope you guys will fill out for me. It is not mandatory and it is completly anonymous. I do hope for honest answers so that the data is uncanny, here is the link to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/sYpSryu5pCSQnyoO2

Also a disclaimer:
I do realise some people might be tempted to troll the survey but please, don't, it's important to my studies and my research that you answer as honestly as you can ( and I just don't want to waste time deleting surveys 1 by 1 cuz of fake data ). Appreciate the help ! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 530 Arc User
    edited August 2018
    Will visit the site asap but there are studies already. If you can google them it could also help with your thesis.

    edit: just answered the questions of the survey
  • elenia1elenia1 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Thank you for answering the survey
    I know there are plenty of studies regarding that but MA thesis is all about the fact that those have to be my studies :) hence the survey
  • elenia1elenia1 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Survey closed - thank you to all participants. Topic closed
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