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Reinstalling PWI

Well it gets pretty tough reinstalling a game of 13 Gb back and forth if you take frequent leaves from the game.I found a method to do so without having to download it all again(works for me)
Requirements:Need to have a backup of the previous game folder(wherever you had it installed previously)
1.Copy paste the backup folder to the required location wherever you are willing to re-install your game
2.Login via arc and install PWI in that same location where you have the copy-pasted file(Arc will attempt to redownload the whole game irrespective of your previous game folder being in the same location)
3.There is a file named ArcTemp around the same location where your game folder is located)eg:-If my installation location is E:>PWI then the ArcTemp will show inside the E drive.
4.Incase it doesn't show ArcTemp try unhiding your folders.
5.Sign out of Arc and remove ArcTemp
6.Open Arc launcher again
7.Open Launcher.exe(from your game folder-the actual game launcher)
Once you do all this instead of downloading the game again it should show the play button in your arc launcher!Once you rerun the patcher it should do some minor updates as it usually does.
Above method is advised only if you remove and reinstall PWI often every 5-6 months.(please check if this method does work and inform me! thanks :) )


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