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[PSA] Important - Possible Changes And Updates Coming to PWI



  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    @kalystconquerer#0876 can we please look at putting ALL the Starchart items back into the normal Primal dailies?

    I mentioned this before in another thread what the devs did to dailies was a terrible idea. As it stands if you have complete and total poor luck it cost 500g on sale 1000g off sale for 15.0 aptitude on a starchart. Newsflash before this update MANY people were able to farm this and level 50 chart easily because tower would give some here and there but the brunt of aptitude and exp came from the Primal world dailies. Sure it was very tedious but it is better than this broken system now. Tower gives me less Aspira lvl2 pearls now because it’s been flooded with worthless aspira level 1 pills which are useless to most players and easily farmable for 10 aptitude on a starchart. I already bought the 1k gold needed for 20.0 but cannot farm the 15.0 on a new toon for free like 90% of the whole playerbase did. This completely makes new toons have a massive disadvantage because our starcharts and exp gain is moving like 5x slower than the older players did. As it stand I used to farm more aspira level 2 perals in 1 week than I do in a month now. How is this in any way right? Please put all the Starchart items back in Primal dailies or atleast pass it on. This change makes no harmful impact on the community and I’m sure many would welcome this

    Also increase the chance of Starchart items in transmutation. I transmutation hundreds of items only to get maybe 20 aspira lvl2 and maybe 290 exp which Starchart needs over 6300 exp to max. But when you trade years of items for just that? Completely ludicrous.
    Adding nuema items to the high tier of transmutation is also a good idea. We get the lower ones we don’t need from the lower transmutation all the time it would be nice to be able to recycle them.

    Charge rewards, can you add zenith shards roughly 30-45 points will do, so a skull would be 300-450 which isn’t too bad considering it’s a bonus and not directly paid I know quite a few people would like more skulls on server. Also, replace aspira pearl lvl1 with the lvl2? As I stated earlier 10 aptitude via level 1 is not in the least challenging but 15 aptitude Vita lvl2 especially right now is nearly impossible.
    105/105/105 Seeking ScallyMode
  • updownleftrightyupdownleftrighty Posts: 42 Arc User
    house pets. not minions actual pets. like the all class pets but different, let them wander about once placed maby with a function to walk to anyone in the hs when people come over like a real pet would
  • wibleswibles Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    This is a great thread to see-- gm asking for our input and showing current progress of updating things for us... Thanks. :)

    As far as what I would change:

    Having version specific fashions, mounts, fash weps, or flyers does sound -very- cool. I know we have 1-2 version specific mounts already, so maybe design contests for the rest would be fun, or just holiday fashions, beyond the 6 year old singular halloween fash... Ofc there will always be some ppl that want to complain about the results of a contest but, some people just seek to be miserable. They shouldn't ruin the fun for all of us. So just in general, unique cosmetic items would be cool.

    Cosmetic HS updates: someone mentioned fish before.. That sounds awesome! Fish, Animals, birds... a big part of HS is the cosmetic/customization/creativity part that interests a lot of people-- either they love it, or they only use it for farming skills and they're out. So... give the people that love it, more to love about it. :D A lot of the "festival"/holiday decorations are very... china-centered. Banners written in Chinese, Chinese lanterns or foods.... these are really, not relevant to most of us, lol. I am not very thrilled over a dish of food I dont recognize. But adding some items for holidays we DO celebrate/are relevant, or adding animals (cause who doesnt love tf out of animals?????) would definitely get some people back in their HS, farming a few quests to get the bunnies they want, or participating in St Patrick's Day events to get their Goofy Leprechaun statues... ;)

    The points made about the availability of star chart items are very true. PWI has been encouraging people to make new and viable alts, as well as for new players to catch up easier through introducing new and faster ways to get skills, character locked FSP rewards, buffed vitae chain quests, more exp options in FF/FC and PV, new ways to obtain G16 gear.... basically, to catch an alt up to speed with current mains has been made pretty easy lately. I even created my own new alt this year, having fun with a new class, and spending money to improve it. :) The only problem here is that the star chart mats HAVE been nearly completely removed, whereas they used to be so ubiquitous that people had stashes of the various spira pearls. Now, it's like that's been overcompensated for-- now the characters that need them can't get anywhere near the amount they need to catch up to current players. While I can understand the want for players to spend coin in the cash shop on these items, the quantities and prices are just much too high. I could see someone splurging and buying "just the last 10/20/xx I need.." rather than "well, I need 400.... guess I'll just give up and never get it."
    -- So adding these back to some or all of the primal quests, buffing their appearance in Heavenfall Tower, or adding them with greater frequency in low transmutation/high transmuation, or rewards from farming HS (similar to the Minion storage function, not as reward to higher level quests-- not every new alt can spend so much time maxing a HS) would really help. My new alt is great, getting ready for r9... but I think she'll be the only R9 on the server without a 10-15 aptitude star chart... instead taking MONTHS to get from 6-7... I guess I will never gear her out to the teeth for PVP, if I cant catch up to the current meta of most pvpers.

    Also another point is removing some of the Arigora score restrictions on manufacturing mats-- or adjust how these scores are calculated for the population of players PWI has. Currently the amount of players capable of crafting some of these mats due to score is so few that the gear is nigh unfarmable, even for the majority of players that participate in the system. Making less motivation for other players to join in...

    Here is the fun part for our version... the international version I think would benefit greatly from adjusting several instances specifically for us.
    UP: Increasing the drop rate of skulls. There are simply not as many squads running DUP as needed to farm as many weapons as there are people trying to farm them. Many of us are bottle-necked at the need for skulls+draconic essences. Simply increasing their drop-rate would mean they dont need to be added to the cashshop and people would still be forced to interact with the instance to get their mats. Making these also available as rewards for other tasks or in other places is a possibility, but simply adding them to charge rewards would be no bueno also-- that again means people only have to spend money to receive them, and the instance would die (just like Nirvana...)

    Homestead/Minion Arena: Similar to Arigora Arena, Minion Arena is set up to reward points based on CN's population. This makes our version of rewards nearly impossibly to obtain at the highest level. On ET we have 1 player whose minions are far and beyond stronger than the rest of ours, due to tremendous cash shopping to increase her fights every month... and yet even she, who has invested that much time and energy and resources into her minions and this system, caps out at roughly 2-2.2k points each month. While the system is supposed to reward up to 3k. Its just not possible to get that high, no matter what you spend. So re-working that so that we can actually obtain the rewards, would encourage more people to engage with the system.

    Nirv/QSM/FF/FBs: These instances are so out of date for typical players that probably the only reason people enter them lately are for titles. The drops are either useless or so rare that they arent even farmed. They are great opportunities to add some things that players need, while keeping them enjoying the game. Some of these instances are even nostalgic for me, it would be great to see them re-purposed so I can take my alts through them. In the cases of most of them, adding star chart mats, even lower amounts of exp or pearls would make them worthwhile to enter. Adding low occurrence of UP/HS mats would also help-- maybe adding the HS locked versions of mats, so that a player doesn't have to farm 9 alts HS's just to get enough mats to keep up with daily UP farming. Skulls and Draconic essances could be worked in for qsm/nirv maybe. And increasing the drop rate of average QSM mats for the lower versions-- I know since the Transmuation system has been added, people do attempt to farm Lower lvl QSM, in order to spam nuemas on alts, or get useful pots.... only to spend however long in a QSM instance and get 0 drops. Not even from bosses. It will be a hard sell to convince that person, that just spend 30min-1hr farming an instance they dont even need, only for 0 reward, to set foot back in there again. XD

    The point about adding DQ items as a possibility to transmutation is an awesome one-- not because I have stacks of these saved up or anything (I know people used to have these squirreled away but gave up hope completely and NPC'd them years ago..), but because it really strikes me as an out-of-balance, nonsensical game when all the mobs drop items that are completely useless? I have a hard time explaining to my friends that tried to play this game what all the drops "were" for, when, they weren't for anything now. "So then why dont they just take them out of the game?" ...Um, idk. It definitely feels like DQ items are kind of, an oversight currently? I would feel really great if PWI could recognize this and utilize them in a system to show "look, we are paying attention, we do see what's happened here, here's a new solution." Originally DQ prices were nerfed to combat coinselling, botting, and inflation-- adding them as transmutation items will keep to that, since transmutation items are bound. Even if they were just Low Transmutation items-- this means a faster way for new toons to get their Nuemas/Meridians up, or for older players to get those OP PVE pots. It would basically just make catching up faster.

    Sorry it's a long read, but I hope some of these points could help make our version better suited for us as its players. :) Thanks Kalyst.
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  • ailiadrakeailiadrake Posts: 282 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    @ailiadrake Looking at the difference between Lunar Solo and Squad for example, there are some materials in squad mode that you can't get in solo mode. If we make the Solo mode the same or better rewards, then players will leave regular UP alone and making squads for it will become much more difficult. Perhaps we can balance that out with a coin entry fee like Lunar Squad mode for an UP solo mode? Or make a mirror of UP for squads that don't have as harsh restrictions? Just some thoughts.

    I never said that solo UP should have same or better rewards. I was thinking that bosses in there could drop only seeds, farm animals and purple items (seeds and animals being far common than purple items). But at the same time, still be able to complete those daily/weekly quests anyway.

    Or maybe, not exactly "solo", but rather drop the requirement from 10 people to maybe 5 or 6. That way, parties are easier to find. Both for farming common mats and for culti. AND for mbh.
    I realize that doing that would result in people dualing with their main and alts, but let's be honest here, right now, UP is an r9 instance only and g16 people (who can't buy r9) either have to be very lucky to get into a party or have to buy their mats and/or rely on the very slow homestead quests. Finding a party even for normal UP is especially hard for g16 arcane classes.

    And for the love of cookies, tell them to nerf those mobs before last boss if they chose to do this.

    As for the fee. No. Don't put a coin feel like Lunar. Rather, keep the keys. At least they are free, even if limited.

    PS: KalyKalyKaly! Speaking of Homestead. I want the ability to put mobs in there! The idea of having a little space to myself to modify is amazing, but the idea of creating events (actual events with quests and mobs/bosses to kill, with drops YOU offer from your bag) would be awesome, and you'd get people to flood homesteads when this happens.
    As for where you get your mobs/bosses, I was thinking with homestead quests. Same ones where you get the items for the workshop. Higher demanding quests, would result in harder mobs to kill (and in less craft number per scroll gained).

    Think this would be possible?
  • orangeitisorangeitis Posts: 183 Arc User
    My ideas for coin sinks, fashion, instance earning, etc:

    -Transmogrification. The ability to rip a skin off of a weapon or armor and apply it to your existing armor( or even fashion slot). Each transmog action to rip and transfer would cost coin, depending on the level/quality it is. Coin sink!

    -Elemental-themed fashions/mounts/aerogear. If you're looking for fillers for events/seasonal/whatever, consider elemental-themed prizes or gifts of each of the 5 elements that Perfect World recognizes: Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth. Examples would be an aerogear for Earthguards that is made up of leaves or flowers(representing Wood), a fashion weapon for Barbarians or BMs that is a steampunk sledgehammer(representing Metal), an outfit that has verious bits of animated flames on it(representing Fire), an aerogear for Nightshades made up of floating bubbles(representing Water), or a bear made of rock(representing Earth). Many more ideas can be applied to elemental-themed items.

    -Suggested it before, but I think it's worthy of repeating: Increased reputation rewards from FB tablets. Reputation chasers will be more motivated to help newbies or to team up for squads if this incentive was applied.

    -This might be tricky on the Chinese developer's end, but new fashuion slot: Transformations. These could give your transformation skills(Tiger Form, Fox Form, Tide Form, Devil Form, etc) different appearances. Wolf Form for Barbs, Octopus Form for Tideborne... for Devil Form alterations, it might be better to get creative with them, like desining different shapes of demon or offering other spiritual forms like a grim reaper.

    -Let us exchange DQs for event gold. 1 DQ-1 event gold.
  • stephshannonstephshannon Posts: 38 Arc User
    jsxshadow wrote: »
    For the sake of the economy I heavily suggest that you do remove JoJ completely with no turning back or even remotely replacing it with something that gives out coins. There are many things needed for new characters. You could replace all the coin rewards with small portions of event gold. Nothing from the event Boutique can be exploited to affec tthe economy. Sure they could get loads of free charms..but with a max number of 9 additional chars per account...it's hardly worth it to exploit but helps newbies.

    Also, please DO NOT raise the AH cap. Instead, let CN program some bot to infuse gold into the server for 3.999.900m per gold or even lower to balance the economy. It is true that by raising the cap you simply put Gold at a steady 8m in sales and that is ridiculous. I can occasionally buy loads of gold from AH..so people are still selling their stuff there. Anything above 4m per Gold on any sale is just pure greed and getting to a steady 8m per gold will discourage Free 2 Play gamers even more cause getting gold will be nearly impossible then. Manipulating the market from your side to get a steady gold supply for 4m max is the only correct way to balance the economy for anyone, cashers and F2P alike.

    Please also consider with CN that adding an NPC (Was suggested many times before) that sells a majority of the most-wanted Pack items for coins could further help balance the economy massively. I see no reason why this would be a bad thing. It doesn't even have to be "cheap" compared to the regular prices now. Let me give some examples. Scrolls of Tome go for 1.2b roughly at the moment, so why no put them into an NPC for 1.5b coins? Crown of Madness is at ~3b on the market, so why not make it 3.5b in the shop. All account bound ofc. This would drain so much coin from the server...and people wouldn't have to rely on packs to get their stuff BUT they would still charge gold to sell it for coins to buy it instantly. People are impatient..there are many which would do it just like that, myself included. You don't even have to make this a permanent thing. Bring that NPC in for a month and see how it goes and then maybe introduce it every 4-6 months. This way stored up coins get spent.

    For this last suggestion you might think at first that I am crazy..but Add General Summer Tokens and Medal of Glory to the droplist of all TT- and Lunar-Bosses. Ofc, it should be from the additional drop-table and the chance per boss (depending on difficulty) should never be higher than 0.x or even 0.0x. This would encourage people to use those instances again. Or make a new mode for both Lunar, Twilight Temple or better yet Nirvana with special bosses that are harder and might have a higher chance to drop these things. Give people something to farm..like in the good old days. Even if its a small chance and takes ages..you know how many people you can lure back if there is even a slight chance to farm their r9? Holy moly...I personally know a couple dozen.

    I am very glad that you have a direct line to CN now and that you are willing to improve this game. Thank you very much kaly!!!

    PS: Ah and remove all pack items that can be exchanged for Coins. So remove Wedding Wine (token exchange) or rather the option to exchange it for 99.999 coins. Remove the 2x Token of Best Luck Option for 1 Ten Million Big Note. Also, please remove the Foil items. No pack item should have an option to generate coins at all. Making packs about the chance to get something cheaper than you could possibly buy at an NPC, as suggested above, is good enough to motivate people to charge and buy packs. Then you could even make ultra-pack sales for even cheaper than they are now. You could also manipulate token/lucky coin prices by giving an alternate option to get the Pack-Items from an NPC not only by coin but also with tokens and LC. I hate to say this..but getting as many pricings as possible out of the hands of the very, VERY greedy playerbase is a great thing and will benefit the masses and not only the few greedy people on every server.

    literally couldn't agree more with this.... 100%
  • stephshannonstephshannon Posts: 38 Arc User
    shapoopi wrote: »
    hello kaly,
    Thanks for trying to make this game better, but you really need to talk to them about updating our NPC's since they really outdated i mean like as an end game player i dont do anything with supply token other than getting the 105 buff and i dont do anything with pwi boutique agent other than getting hp pots.
    NW forges XtW forges, pwi boutique agent these three npcs need some kind of update or adding extra stuff to them,
    need to put in mind that not everyone can farm all day or play the game 24/7.
    like make g17 mats available with perfect token of luck or supply tokens
    S chest/A chest or Dull Zenith Skull with perfect token of best luck
    or exchange Glyps with tokens or supply tokens.
    arena coins trade with Tokens or Lucky coins.
    this will make the game easier

    Another thing i would love to know can we get another rebirth for A set ? that will help balance the game since NP set is not easy like it used to be..

    noooooooo, what happened to nirvana when canny/rap were craftable with supply tokens? want that to happen up UP and DH? i'm all for suggestions that help f2p players but not by killing instances! Unless the ratio is stupendously high!

    Though untradable card packs for supply tokens is a good idea.
  • sin20sin20 Posts: 237 Arc User
    I think that the option to trade Dragonlord's coin for something else other than mount would be really good or to even add them to transmutation mats so ppl got a chance to lvl chart or smtn with them , w/e it is we need more options for that cause ppl are sitting on 20k of them and other than a charm once a week for xtw they are useless.
  • shaman203shaman203 Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    The most annoying issue I came across is the new players gear progression.
    After getting to 100 and having morai/qsm gear, your next job is to make an alt to farm Jolly for months, to have enough coin to buy TT mats.
    Telling this to new players in guild sucks, they are better off quitting the game, cause they wont be able to use their characters they leveled without gear. Primal vitae quest mobs will oneshot them, normal FSP aoe will oneshot them.

    What I suggest is a full set of TT99 character bound(non-tradeable all the way in practice, not only in theory) gear as a level 100 reward( or some other method, similar to qsm85, not too hard, character bound, easy to get help for it).
    You can even make it once per account, non-tradeable, this way it affects even less the TT farmers.
    The new players will still need to farm NW and Warsong, but they will stand a chance to do so and it wont seem like an unachievable goal.

    TT is not farmed by new players, it's farmed by the middle class, and they sell to themselves and to new players. But new players don't have the coin to buy anyway, so the middle people can't sell the mats either.

    A new player in guild, despite our suggestions, was tempted into charging and got himself enough coin to buy TT99 boots for his aps sin. He sadly missed the free gear code, and of course those boots didn't make him able to farm TT as an income source, so he felt disappointed. Another member charged even more to get a g16 weapon, and used the free gear code too. He naturally felt more tempted to continue, being able to g15 the free armor and start farming warsong.

    In a free to play game, paying shouldn't be a requirement to enjoy the content most players are at.
  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    Custom sounds would probably be a toggle option paired with furniture? Or do you mean just an overall thing (where you set it from the Homestead UI?)

    Since I don't play Venomancer as much as I used to, what I'll have to do is ask the devs and see if they would consider doing any changes to Venomancers and the pet system as a whole in the future. So it'll be more an exploratory question first and then I see where they take it from there.

    Thanks for the response! I understand fashion weapons need a lot of work, but I don't mind waiting. I'm honestly a little surprised CN never made Christmas fashion weapons when they seem to add new Christmas clothes every year. Now that I think about it, Halloween fashion weapons would be awesome, too. We also kinda need some new Halloween fashion because all we got is that Witch set and Pumpkin heads from years ago...

    Back to the Homestead
    I imagine background music would be an option in the Homestead Construction mode, but ambience sounds could be attached to Homestead items obtained from in-game events, contests etc. A tree for forest sounds, a flower for village sounds, a rock for windy sounds and so on.

    This reminds me that we should have the ability to change weather! We should be able to add rain or snow and change the sky accordingly (adding rain during sunshine would be a bit weird...). While we're at it, I wouldn't mind the addition of a few more skins. They could do another set of 3 skins wherein one is for free from a game event and the other 2 are from the Boutique. Currently we can obtain a new Homestead skin from a quest, while the other 2 are in the Boutique.

    Going further with this, we could expand the Homestead into making it more interactive. By that I mean being able to add monsters visitors have to fight against. Maybe there could be a final boss at the end. This would make Homestead be like custom player-made dungeons. I'm sure players would get really creative with something like this. We already had some amazing Homestead Cornucopia games during the first weeks of Elysium.

    Venomacer Content
    Now regarding the Venomancers, the pet update we had during Rising Call was good for its time but the pets have started falling behind again. Plus, it's just sad that we have a huge selection of Mood skills but 80% of those skills have become obsolete for the game's current PvE and PvP.

    An important thing to consider are that we have a number of Boutique Venomancer pets. If pets become more desire-able in PvE then more people will be interested in buying them or buying more than one. The truth is that right now, Venomancers don't really need pets for PvE except for those who play solo or some very niche uses (like my "Full Venomancer Squad" series of clearing dungeons). This means Boutique pets need to become more appealing, otherwise everyone can settle down with some free pets. Improving Mood skills would be one easy way of making them more appealing. This would help free pets too, but they can always have exclusive Mood skills for Boutique pets.

    Another thing to consider: they just made all legendary pet skills cost 1.250.000 coins at the Zoologist NPC. If my sources are right, the next expansion will make Faction Base pet skills cost 2.000.000 coins. What does this mean? Players can grab any free pet and make them "good enough" for PvE for a very low cost. People won't really have a desire to buy Boutique pets then. Their few niche advantages won't be enough to justify their cost.

    As for PvP, as I said Venomancers have two skills that depend on the pet being alive. Pets are fine in 1 vs 1 combat, but they just die too fast in mass PvP (Territory Wars, Dragon's Conquest etc.). This is why I suggested for Pet Heal to apply an AoE damage reduction buff (maybe 65%). It should only work for AoE damage, and not direct damage.

    Venomous Scarab has a Glyph (Verdant Glyph) that increases the skill's damage when the pet is summoned. This Glyph becomes pretty useless in mass PvP because you can't keep the pet alive more than a few seconds. Natural Synergy literally can't be used unless the pet is alive, which is even worse.

    This means our PvP pet is reduced to: summon > quickly use Natural Synergy for anti-stun > pet dies > revive and re-summon when Natural Synergy is off cooldown > repeat. This makes spending 125$ for a Monkey King... not very appealing.

    One more idea! Not for Venomancers this time
    I'm currently working on a "Gear Progression" guide for the PWI wiki so this gave me the idea: a help feature that shows players what gear options they have for each level range, preferable with some information of where to obtain that gear. Also, it would be nice to add gear paths so players know where to start. I feel like many new players might feel lost, confused or overwhelmed in regards to gear. We have more options now, plus there are endgame gear paths that start as early as level 90.

  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    AH Coin Cap - The devs have said this can be adjusted. They ask for what the number should be increased to and any important information they should know beforehand. Since this will impact the economy, this will need to be done carefully.

    I was actually up for this until i saw first hand and almost in real time how this got abused.

    I can't remember when it was but i want to say 6 or 8 mill anyways Ah i went to sale my gold just barely under the max and as quick as i hit refresh it was sold when i looked at the screen i notice one person was literally buying all the gold up in AH and selling it max i'm not joking hell of abused aka monopoly so bad ideal.

    Transmutation (PWI specific exchanges) - Can be done, but they would like to have data on the amount of items that exist in the game for whatever is being suggested to be transmutted. Some of the items I have already pulled information on (DQ) and some items will need to make sure are noted (Fairy Boxes), so this would be a good chance to get in items that aren't in the CN Transmutation NPC that we have use for.

    I remember posting this about Dq but lowering the drop rate to avoid boting and abuse turns out i been transmutteing like an insane amount and on every toon i have yet to this day to get a single 8 star lol so i dont think dq adding it to the list will hurt anything id definitely make it higher lv dq

    Homestead Updates - They would like to know what ideas we have in mind to improve Homestead. This is a great opportunity to suggest possible features and updates to this system. While we still have to keep some of the CN limitations in mind, just having a dialogue about it could open up creation of new and more useful features to get the most out of the Homestead feature!

    Sims interactive environment would be amazing and make this game super addictive id like to sit at a table with faction members maybe even sit and eat with people etc

    Custom decorations can be made, but will not be present in the codex.

    Bank/Cupboard Expansion - Can be done, but they need details of how much to be expanded to since bank space is involved in a lot of different areas (their words "procedural framework") and they will just need a heads up on it.

    i want sort option in the Cupboard Expansion and i want to see max out slots on cat shops i get annoyed there's 2-3 slots with red circles and a line thru them i can't use in the cash shop cat shops that you buy for cash shop gold.

    On few other things i did show you veno pets flyers and mounts cough in another version of this game like to see that content in here like spooky ghost and Dark black wolf etc as for fash how about some mortal kombat looking ninja and anime looking fash from famous animes? some fash from bleach ,sailor moon with just enough change not to infringe on copyright lol

    And please un nerf Bh1 ecstasy cards drop rate as not being able to repair your gear sucks also with what coin am i supposed to learn skills lol i was like ohhhh cool i can now get books from eu and aeu i have a bank literally filled with books of skills i cant afford to learn and the market is so flooded with books can't even sale books for coin literally sale it to npc or give it away in world chat lol
  • cyberomega45cyberomega45 Posts: 175 Arc User
    Problem as the game is now, its not set up to accommodate people who work a lot. When I got home on Monday I was always looking forward to playing Celestial Tigers on Monday with my rl wife of 28 years, because it only took 20 min and by the time it was done, I could go to bed soon after because I get up early in the morning. Now with local NW on Mondays and Tuesday nights, I rarely can play those because of my work schedule. Since my wife is a stay at home mom, she can do NW both nights, but now there is another event we can't participate together.
    Way too many dailies and events. The only time I have atm is doing bh, primal dailies, morai dailies and the 2 neverfall dailies. By the time I get home any of the good players have already done UP, DH and my work schedule is such I cannot participate in a regular group at a certain time for those instances.
    World chat really needs to be cleaned up. If I blocked everyone who said disgusting stuff, that if said in real life would get a person arrested, on world chat, my block list would be full. You want to get more people playing this game, start cleaning up world chat. Most people turn off world chat, unless they are forming a squad. Too many new players cannot get help due to so many players, not having world chat on. In other games, players who abuse world chat get a warning and muted for a certain period.
  • xxwratxxxxwratxx Posts: 6 Arc User
    we have gender change stone, name change stone,
    why not a class change stone?

    1.class change stone (and relative gears switch so you can use them on new class)
    2.downscale literaly everything to match western playerbase figures
    3.arigora rewards even for solo arena queue

    and i mean it, solo arena queue needs to be pushed is way better respect all the other arena modes and it doesn't need you to wait another premade team of your score to queue up​​
  • tirus21tirus21 Posts: 72 Arc User
    xxwratxx wrote: »
    we have gender change stone, name change stone,
    why not a class change stone?

    1.class change stone (and relative gears switch so you can use them on new class)
    2.downscale literaly everything to match western playerbase figures
    3.arigora rewards even for solo arena queue

    and i mean it, solo arena queue needs to be pushed is way better respect all the other arena modes and it doesn't need you to wait another premade team of your score to queue up​​

    Solo arigora sounds so good i have hope we will get it in future
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    Also the ability to designate part of your HS as a non safe zone so you can create your own pk arena would be super cool I think
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
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    @kalystconquerer#0876 also we could really need the npc to buy\sell items for real money, buy\sell accounts like China has...
    can you ask CH devs why they have that and we do not?

    It's actually even more fundamental for our version rather than chinese one, seen how little our playerbase is and how economy is inflated and how early game instances are abandoned

    es.: i decide to quit play, someone else can pay PWE to take over and continue from where i left my character progression,
    instead of having to start from scratch and be competitive in a couple of years (if he is lucky with RNG)...
    new players\F2p players play this game till the point where they realize what they need to be competitive in pvp and how long it will take to achieve that, they quit straight after that in a good 75%-85% of the cases...

    i believe that NPC is the key to really reintroduce PWI, it could really give this game a new life​​
  • booker27booker27 Posts: 167 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    This game really needs to make account selling legal and make PWE put a tax or fee on the account selling so they gain money too. I know A LOT of people who quit but want to buy an account and come back but they don't do it cause ppl will report and try to get them banned cause buying/selling isn't legal. They don't want to spend months trying to catch up either so they just never return...

    What option is better?
    a. Someone quits PWI and the account is left to rot.
    b. Someone quits PWI, sells account to someone else and the account gets permabanned and left to rot.
    c. Someone quits PWI, sells account to someone else and the new owner plays and cash shops, PWE gets money from the account again.

    I think everyone agrees c is the best option....

    This also immediately solves the problem of Harshlands players being stuck on EU server... they can sell their EU accounts and buy ones on US server. How many HL quit cause they unable to play on EU hours?? a lot really. You don't even need server transfer stone or other complicated stuff.
  • greenfire312greenfire312 Posts: 269 Arc User
    Kalyst, thank you again for this big effort. I think I speak for many when I say you're quickly becoming the most effective CM we've ever had (if you aren't already there). And an equally big shout-out to the devs - we've still got Arch Studios again, right? Because the devs they had in the interim, I couldn't ever see those guys being interested in this type of the discussion.

    Anyway, sorry to be a bit late to the party, but here are my thoughts.

    Coins and Farming - I know it's been said a million times lately, but the importance of sustainable farming methods for F2P players cannot possibly be overstated. That's why I'm very glad that a suitable replacement for JoJ is on your radar. Just as a suggestion to make this simpler - why not bind coins to BH? Make every BH give a set amount of coin as a guaranteed reward - say 1mil for 100-level BH1, and progressively less for the pre-endgame BH1s. You can use stacks of Triumph Money or even Gold Bar to tweak the individual tier rewards (maybe 100k for Lv40 BH1 on up). So all those people with 100 Jones alts can't easily get the coins, but any player who's willing to put in a bit of time can still pull it off.

    Power Creep - Thank you for the first proper staff acknowledgement of the horrible state of power creep in PWI that I've ever personally seen. I know I can't be alone in swearing off any serious PVP entirely. With that said, I support a tiered PVP system, but it would have to take into account more than gear types (off the top of my head, gear refines, war avatar levels/sets, primal passives and most importantly Spirit need to be considered... it could get messy).

    Homestead - Two things here. First, I'm concerned about the minion battles, in that while your score resets every month, your minion levels do not, which puts you at a severe disadvantage if you're just starting out (say, on an alt who just got the 35k rep). This system needs to be rebalanced.

    Secondly, does it have to be that much of a coin sink just to expand lands? I don't see why the requirements scale up so drastically. Can we just decrease it to one Elysian Charter per land space? This will really open up the experience to more people.

    (Okay, I lied, there's three things... any chance you can ask the devs about my disappearing-contract-money issue? Pretty please? :disappointed: )

    Transmutation - On the whole, I like the system as-is, but definitely more options should be added, and few of the current ones are tradeable. I'd love to be able to farm DQs, give them to a char who's behind on their meridians, and have them catch up. Also, any chance we could reduce the fee for high-grade transmutation? It can really get up there after a few times - even a reduction to 10k instead of 20k would be really helpful.

    Legacy items - This is more of a pet issue of mine, but, can we have some NPC who offers niche legacy stuff to people who are interested? For example, ever since FBs were changed not to drop low level molds anymore, those items have been unobtainable for the (admittedly very few) people who are interested in them. I can't hunt, for example, a Xeno's Sledgehammer anymore if I wanted to. Yes, we're basically given more powerful stuff already, but I for one don't like that - the lowgame is already too easy. This should be a pretty easy change though - why don't you just add any mold item which isn't already at Mysterious Merchant to that NPC? It'd be great if this could include the formerly-unobtainable stuff too (for example, Fiend's Ring).

    (In the meantime, if anyone has any weird old lowbie molds on Etherblade server, I might be interested in buying them - mail me :tongue: )

    Star Chart Mats - I honestly don't care that much about star chart stuff, but even I have to admit that removing them from Primal dailies was a boneheaded move. Honestly, what was the harm in keeping them? Every other change in the last few years seems to buff you to hell and back, so why you'd be limited to Transmutation or JFSP for this particular piece of content is beyond me. Please put them back.

    Spirit points - I'm going to repeat this: PLEASE add Spirit rewards to all dailies! Primals, Homestead, and BH being the most prominent which are missing this. If we're going to be expected to drop up to half a billion spirit on glyph skills, at least give us the points back that the devs must have assumed we didn't need anymore (until this expansion, anyway). The Natya Veda token is good, don't get me wrong, but there's still no reason these points need to be gone in the first place.

    Cosmetics - I'm fairly satisfied with the fashions we have, actually, but can we make sure the event gold fash shop is continually updated? There are some fash sets you can't even get anymore. But if I had to request new content... how about some more subdued mounts? Simple things, more similar to the old mounts (panther, bear, elephant), instead of these big flashy monstrosities everyone seems to have now.
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  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    Buy/Sell accounts is legal on china and even at a 20-30% fee from PWI is fair this way more new players come or returning players. Heck ppl would farm up dailies on multi toons just to sell them to csers who will buy r9 ect ect from Pwi
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  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    One thing about transmutation is that all items you put in there is bound. Now I wouldnt mind being able to transmute DQ items but perherps they have a reason that its only bound items. If this system goes through, I hope it will be for high transmute as it isnt free so that we can get a small coin drain. It would still be worth it for serious alts and people catching up as you can get so much Star Chart EXP from it - however they really need to increase the astrospira pearl 2 chance, aptitude is too annoying to get now.
    Add nuema (at least lv1 ones) to the list of items that can be transmuted. I dont care if low or high transmute.

    It would be cool to have something you could farm for lower transmute too though. If it have to be lower level DQ items as well I dont know, something to think about. I would love to be able to farm those low pots with more pve damage and movement speed boost pots.

    REMOVE the god damn warsoul items from tower. Blessings too from room 108. Useless annoying stuff for our version. Replace it with spira pearls lv2 or something thats useful for us. I cant stand it when I get those rewards. So much work only to get unlucky with an item you might as well NPC.

    Chances are gold will go lower overtime with the removeal of JJ. Seriously, that npc is so toxic for the server economies. You can get inifinite ingame coins so all you need is just gold.

    Increase Zenith skull droprates.

    Revamp homestead minion elysian arena. The rewards on higher end is impossible for us to get.

    Can the pirate king (underwater octo boss) in primal have increased star chart exp + spira pearl 1 rewards?

    I wouldnt touch the gold cap yet. Maybe in future if things doesnt go better with these upcoming changes.

    Venomancer pets. Change so that "defend" works in open world again. Let the pets benefit from the venos spirit and passives (especially spirit). Make so that you can reroll the current mood for a higher level of same mood, instead of rerolling for any mood hoping that you get max level in that 1 specific mood you want. And a revamp of pet moods in general. And reduce the cost of legendary pets.
  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 452 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    Honestly what I meant in my post by third party coins coming in is the players posting on third party sites in order to sell coins and toons for cash.
    PM me if you need links to these sites.

    Something needs to be done about this since I can name a couple of toons which appear to be bought and sold frequently.

    If PWI made the selling of coins and toons legal via a blackmarket agent would bring in a ton more profit for the company altogether. A simple fee to transfer coins and or toons to another player would make a ton of profit and encourage players to spend cash to pay another player for a toon and ultimately lower the risk and raise the number of buyers for said items.

    and as far as spirit points go as mentioned in the post above it is unneeded to remove it altogether. The phoenix valley sanctum token is spammable and gives 45mill spirit per token, with a max of 10 each day. With no spirit people could spam make genies and would lower the price on the higher level genies which is highly unneeded.
  • uchijawaruchijawar Posts: 59 Arc User
    i have posted this in 3 dif parts but i wanna to say please make the littlefoot weekly o monthly at this moment i have 308 jades and + 77 per week i will have 385 that means i wont have the enought for dragon orb +10 the max reward in 4 days i couldnt log cuz of heavy lags in Dawnglory server so i would apreciate if u make it 1 week more at least many of friends got my problem no enought cuz they missed during the lag issues

    i apreciate if u can do something @kalystconquerer#0876 thanks
  • ailiadrakeailiadrake Posts: 282 Arc User
    Also, BH rewards.

    Since they were nerfed, can you tell them to get rid of those War Avatar Orders from the reward? No one uses them, and you get them from tower anyway.
    nociro wrote: »
    REMOVE the god damn warsoul items from tower. Blessings too from room 108. Useless annoying stuff for our version. Replace it with spira pearls lv2 or something thats useful for us. I cant stand it when I get those rewards. So much work only to get unlucky with an item you might as well NPC.

    This too.
  • greenfire312greenfire312 Posts: 269 Arc User
    nunuator wrote: »
    and as far as spirit points go as mentioned in the post above it is unneeded to remove it altogether. The phoenix valley sanctum token is spammable and gives 45mill spirit per token, with a max of 10 each day. With no spirit people could spam make genies and would lower the price on the higher level genies which is highly unneeded.
    Some of us don't find methodically soloing the same instance over and over to be fun, nor do we want to spend money (that most F2P people don't have in great amounts) to repeatedly get that token. But more importantly, I have to hand it to you for somehow spinning the presence of a downside to more spirit. In what universe are more easily accessible genies a bad thing, unless you happen to be the one selling the genies and are therefore just clutching your pearls? :tongue:
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  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    Spamming the expensive PV token for genies sounds like a terrible idea. Rather buy an overpriced genie.
  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    edited October 2017

    Spirit points - I'm going to repeat this: PLEASE add Spirit rewards to all dailies! Primals, Homestead, and BH being the most prominent which are missing this. If we're going to be expected to drop up to half a billion spirit on glyph skills, at least give us the points back that the devs must have assumed we didn't need anymore (until this expansion, anyway). The Natya Veda token is good, don't get me wrong, but there's still no reason these points need to be gone in the first place.

    You get something around 200m spirit for getting rb2 lvl 100.

    Thats 4 out of 6 glyphed skills.

    There's really no difficulty into getting another 100m spirit imo.

    (Already at 250m spirit on my babypill archer and he's not even at the point where he can get glyphed skills yet (SS8))
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    nociro wrote: »
    Spamming the expensive PV token for genies sounds like a terrible idea. Rather buy an overpriced genie.

    cost less also
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  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
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    also like to see a cash shop item that will add extra abilities to existing weapons like god of frenzy and black hole and to many to name maybe a special pack item but with a decent chance not like crown madness my god i been playing this game forever and still never won one maybe same chance as best luck something doable every so often i get one from chance packs

    id like a better item that will let you reroll and keep all your refines and socket

    id also be nice if adding sockets to G-16 GOLD not rank gear was over kill like it is now wow
  • alphalordkingalphalordking Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    Ok, before I start, I'd like to give @kalystconquerer#0876 a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you are trying to do for this game and the entire playerbase <3. We needed someone like you, I swear you're one if not the best GM we ever had.

    Now, I've been reading alot of the comments and there are some really good ideas I would like to support. It's going to be alot so I will break it down in 2 or 3 different posts. So I'll apologize in advance for the upcoming China Walls of Text xD.

    In this 1st Post, I'll start with:
    dingo488 wrote: »
    Personally I would love for PWI to add Build Templates.

    Basically how it works is you save your current gear set-up. (All armor pieces/Weapon/Cards/Star Chart/Blessings/Glyph set up) And then you switch everything around, for instance you put on your PvP glyphs instead of PvE glyphs and you save that too. Same goes for Blessing/Star Chart stuff, you save a third template for Defense as well as one for Offense.

    I REALLY need this in my life (And I know quite a lot of people might need this as well). Most people I'm sure they have a PvE set-up for Glyphs and for PvP they have another entirely different. At least in my personal case even in PvP I swap glyphs like crazy, from more offensive ones, to more supportive ones or more Chi reliable ones. I even change them sometimes depending on which classes I'm going against. So seriously I love this idea of having Templates.

    Now for the 2nd one:
    jsxshadow wrote: »
    Also, please DO NOT raise the AH cap. Instead, let CN program some bot to infuse gold into the server for 3.999.900m per gold or even lower to balance the economy. It is true that by raising the cap you simply put Gold at a steady 8m in sales and that is ridiculous. I can occasionally buy loads of gold from AH..so people are still selling their stuff there. Anything above 4m per Gold on any sale is just pure greed and getting to a steady 8m per gold will discourage Free 2 Play gamers even more cause getting gold will be nearly impossible then. Manipulating the market from your side to get a steady gold supply for 4m max is the only correct way to balance the economy for anyone, cashers and F2P alike.

    This right here, seriously needs to happen right now. If AH Cap gets increased people will just sell their gold straight up to the max price they can, not the one people wants to buy right now. I mean is a good idea for others to try and buy Gold from the AH but that won't prevent the greed levels from some people to inflate and overprice the gold.
    Putting an NPC that somehow sell each Gold for say 4m at a fixed price, that's the one thing that will keep the gold at a steady price without increasing horribly due to some charge/spend rewards and special pack sales. At least in Etherblade server Gold can go from 4-4.5m to at least 6m or even more. So this NPC with a fixed price for Gold really needs to happen. That way f2p players can save up coins and start buying their own Gold for whatever they want/need and even the players that has hundreds of billions of coins can use those and get gold as well.
    Plus It would also work as a really good Coin Sink, one that doesn't bleed out the f2p players more than those players that has hundreds of millions of coins easily (Like Homestead does).

    And for the 3rd one:

    1.They should increase the rewards from the Lycaeum of Cultivation. Right now, we need to use a lot of Feral Soul Stars to try getting good Moods and good Inherit Stats for our pets because they are randomized. Venomancers use multiple pets. I've had some pets for years and I still don't have good Moods and Inherit Stats on some of them because gathering Feral Soul Stars takes too long.

    2. I also believe they should update the pet Mood skills. Some of those skills are pretty obsolete nowadays, while other skills have potential to be good but need to be improved a little. If you gather data from multiple Venomancers, you will see they all use the same few Mood skills for their pets, because the rest just aren't very good. We also really need more attack skills with short cool downs because most pets have to auto-attack a lot and that damage is nerfed by the anti-APS buffs bosses have.

    3. Heal Pet has an effect that reduces the AoE damage pets take but it only works in PvE. I believe they should make it work for PvP as well because pets die way too fast in mass PvP and Venomancers have two skills that depend on the pet being alive (Venomous Scarab and Natural Synergy).

    This speaks to me on so many levels... I mean, Feral Soul Stars really needs to be increased, the number you get is really low compared to the number needed for pets to Evolve and to change constantly their inherit stats and their Moods.
    Also they should improve the Inherited stats even further, increase the cap for the Inherited stats even more. Maybe add some kind of "X quantity of Feral Soul Stars required for absolutely Max Stats" option. And the Moods should really get revamped and boosted as well, like 90% of those Moods are not really useful for any kind of pet, either for PvE or PvP focus, they just don't work. Also there should be an option to "Hone" the current Mood if you got one you already like. Instead of having to go through the entire random Mood List again hoping you get the correct Mood you had but this time on a higher level, it's just too effing annoying and luck dependant.

    And yes, Heal Pet should absolutely reduce AOE damage from Players as well. Not the same 95% reduction as in PvE but something like 60-70%. Just stick to it the same buff that Spellbound Sting plants has and that's it. With it, pets might be able to survive longer even in Mass PvP scenarios like TW and such. And maybe add like a 50-60% chance to Purify the pet as well.

    This way Lengendary Pets might be more appealing to acquire for people playing Venomancers. Because right now it's really sad you get to spend +$100 in gold just to get one special pet, put the right skills on it, mood, stats and everything just to get 1-3shotted by AOEs every-single-time in every-single-place.


    In my personal opinion, all of these sounds like some really great ideas that could benefit quite alot of people regardless of their monetary status and the game experience itself.
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  • alphalordkingalphalordking Posts: 29 Arc User
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    Now on this second post. I can't really quote everyone that has mention things about JOJ being removed, but I will agree that this needs to be taken away from the game.

    Every server knows how some people endlessly bot and exploits this quest, hoarding hundreds of millions of coins every few days. That's just insane and it has been like that for years. It needs to stop.

    Asterelle already proved that CN doesn't have this JOJ. And in our version it's just being absolutely bot exploited, so yes I will agreed that it should be removed entirely.
    Kalyst already mentioned something about replacing it, and that's ok. But let's hope it cannot be exploited again.

    Also since we're discussing this, I think Foils should also be removed from every single pack and Treasure System. Those are only inyecting even more coins and people don't care anymore about selling Gems and stuff to other people that might need them, because why would they ? They can now transform all those useless gems they don't need into direct 10m-big notes. That's one of the reasons why those players will never feel the Coin Sinks, their income is way to much compared to what they end up spending. In the end, those Coin Sinks only ends up affecting most f2p players.

    Also making other sources available for farming g17 mats (Without the needs of killing UP/DH) would also be a great thing to have for those that can't go into UP squads. And drop rates from UP should also be improved as well so people can get more mats.
    Getting a g17 weapon right now is not really appealing for most people because of the time and difficulties it requires. You need absolutely maxed Homestead, you need to find daily UP squads (Which is already hard even for high-geared people), you forcefully need to do Thursday Tournament and we'all know that If you aren't in the most powerful Factions of your Server with an entire squad behind you. Chances are you're not getting the highest rewards which are g17 mats as well. And you have to be exclusive enough to charge lots of gold and start buying packs that might grant you Zenith Skull packs or Draconic Essences.

    It's just a really overwhelming and nearly impossible thing to achieve for most f2p, casual and even for those non-hardcore CSers.

    It would also be really great to re-use some long forgotten instances like Nirvana for something worthy and usefull.

    PD: New exclusive Fashions (And more based on different cultures), Mounts, Flyers and Fashion Weapons, yeees please :D and there should be more fashion weapon rotating on the boutique. Also one thing I don't really like, is that apparently they're making Fash Weapons more expensive for us than what they really cost in CN version.
    Panda Weapons just like Chicken ones cost 12 Gold while in CN Version they cost 10. That's kindda unfair :'( .
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