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I can't beiveive I am the only one who has noticed and /or advised Arc of their error. You see the virtual currency sale that are advertisinhg on the patch loader in game and via their web page https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11054513-holiday-sales-on-virtual-currency! has expired. Normally It wouldn't be a big deal but because of work on got home late an missed out on the sale. A few days go by and on contact them about the issue. I was told on Dec 31 that because of the holiday schedule the office controlling the ad and its placement were out of office and it should be cleaned up after they returned. So I see this expired ad mocking me day in day out as I countinue my play. A week later and the ad is STILL there. So I open another ticket about the issue and their response was as follows: Hello,   Thank you very much for contacting us!   We're sorry to hear about the visibility of the Virtual currency sale advertisement. We sincerely apologize that this has negatively impacted your gameplay experience. We'll make sure to notify the respective department along with your feedback so a much better advertisement will be placed instead. We also recommend posting your idea directly on the feedback of our official game forum so you can discuss your insight with other members of the community as your feedback is highly appreciated in the betterment of the game. If you have other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.   Your patience and kind understanding in this matter are highly appreciated.   Regards, Jerreal Game Master I'm not really sure what kind of help they expect me to get from the public forums except to broadcast this issue to a wider audiance. I think since I have brought it to their attention twice and giving them more that a week to resolve it the should honor the advertisment up to the present date. What to you all think of that idea?


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