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Is your guild struggling to grow and find a friendly community? Rotating Chaos Alliance on PC is looking for guilds to join us :) We are the perfect place for your guild to define their purpose and get the support you need to grow your guild and your game. Our current guilds include: The Academy Lords of Riverguard Keep Forja Rags to Riches Oceanside Dragons Jean von Bauns Magnificent Guild leaders are required to join our leadership discord channel. Monthly voice meetings. Eventually helm will highlight a growing guild until they get to GH20. Daily stronghold influence runs hosted by our guilds. Weekend Marauders & Dragonflight. Alliance wide events our favorites include , hide and seek, pig & dungeon races. Enjoy our chill community and play your game the way you want. There is no pressure to perform or IL to have. or Contact in game any of our guilds or dm here or ingame @purrsalot


  • Not much happening here, yet.