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  • I had the same, I replied a long time ago in another thread and I still haven't got an answer, but I got the same question as you, since I was really astonished when I noticed I can't store any more of my powers in my hotkey thingy. I actually got used to having all skills in the 1-0 and F1-F12 bar.
  • I think they can't help it that maintenance is during EU time, but the frequency of maintenance is already frustrating me. I looked at the patch notes and there are new patch notes atleast every 3-4 days. I mean, dude, that's alot of maintenance o.0
  • I got a question too, but I can't open a new thread either.. I was just wondering if the hotkeys on the bottom of the screen are the only hotkeys available for powers. My Rogue has got two or three Daily Powers now, but I can only place one of them in the hotkey thingy (same for At-Will powers, I haven't got enough spots).…
  • Exactly, it started with: 'I remember when Blacklake was a nice place to live' and: 'We will slay many an Orc today!' x] So annoying!
  • I totally agree with this. This is the exact reason I didn't like playing PWI anymore, the game forces you to buy basic things and some people like myself are not spending real money to be able to play some game.