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  • Correction: I get about a 2k boost to power, critical strike, and outgoing healing, which seems less than intended based on how other mythic level augment companions boost stats. Also, the Utility power is available, but the magnitude reflects that of an epic companion despite my companion's mythic quality.
  • I just wanted to say I love this mentality. Variety and the ability to successfully play your character in different ways is part of the fun of the game for me. I think looking at powers that are underutilized by the player base is a great starting point for rework to make those powers more competitive. It's super boring…
  • Yes, I also find the lack of a stamina regen added effect in any of the Sentinel's at-wills a bit odd. I'm hoping that is purposeful rather than an oversight. As a sentinel, that's OK to me so long as there are other mechanics that would make our survivability on par with Vanguard and Justicar.
  • I'm definitely not an expert at Vanguard or Justicar, but don't they have powers that can shield their team [irrespective of a target]? Even with the proposed changes, Sentinel still doesn't have any, correct? I know there is Crushing Advance, which requires a target, but I bring up for thought just in case the new trial…
  • Agreed. I observed this on PC too.
  • I have several thoughts. First, I like the idea of more companions being viable in group content. Just like the old Band of Air, companions feel like a division between "have" and "have not". e.g. if I'm an end-game support and I don't have a Black Death Scorpion or Tutor or one of maybe 3 or 4 companions, that is…