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  • Actually, if a person turns 60, runs 4, 10 minute dungeon delves in one day, they are automatically top geared. I don't know why everyone is referencing supply and demand, when the market is non existent in the AH for items that are bop. It well not increase or decrease, it well no longer exist
  • Kind of depends on how much ad you get from salvage. If you're at best in every slot currently, and don't need anything the bind on pickup chest rewards well only be worth the time spent, dungeon delving, if it salvages for a decent reward. 1000 ad isn't worth a half hour imo
  • This sounds good. I'm 38, was in the USN on the USS Eisenhower from 93-97. I loved old school D&D with my older brother when i was young. I played DDO a bit to. I was an accountant for 14 years but now am currently in the medical marijuana business, in Denver, CO. I have a lot of free time to play since changing careers.…