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  • question: Mastercraft materials in the zones that have been removed.. what is happening there? I still see the charts for sale in the stronghold but there is no way to retrieve those mats? are the recipes using them being discarded or are they being added back to other areas? (I haven't read this thread so if I'm doubling…
  • it's not at anyone's loss. it's a free market. people sell for what they want to sell it for. and people buy at what the market can bear. if someone massively undercuts or doesn't price right that's on them. and it's still likely they made a profit. and you can do it quite well without ever engaging another player. like I…
  • there is plenty of ad in the world and it is fairly easy to make ad flipping things. you do need to learn what has worth and what doesn't but anyone can make ad much more than 100k a day if they set their mind to it.
  • there are plenty of things to buy on the ah that sell and are needed. comps mounts refinement artifacts etc. if you're all built out or have a massive inventory sure. but many do not have that. the ad players get from the ah doesn't count as created ad. it was already in the economy it's just circulating. the new ad in the…
  • i don't think anyone has to refine much in the way of ad. not for a very long time. it would solve a lot of problems in this game if no one were. this game has wayyyy too much ad. no one has to pay the bills as it were. if you're actually playing the game you are refining ad by existing to some degree. and by just playing…
  • they wouldn't save those would they??? oh no... they would! wouldn't they?!!!
  • can you link? i have a very hard time believing it's not a bug because every other big new bundle has been in events not its proper category for the last year or two. year I guess. it used to be the founders day packs worked for new bundles but iirc they don't now.
  • if you are getting your ad by refining it you are doing it wrong. I'd be poor if this is how I made my ad. if you are paying real money you are doing it wrong. (unless you feel like this game is doing a good job and want to reward the company for a job well done by paying them for the content you are playing. Once upon a…
  • I don't see why some of you are salty about it. this is why you save your coupons when you get them. for killer deals. everyone had the same chance and opportunity. some of us blew it and some of us did not. it is, as they say, how the cookie crumbles. I didn't use my coupon on pc yay! I did on xbox.. booo.. but my fault…
  • 2 hours to fix a description? that should be hotfix stuff. something else happened they're not saying.
  • once you buy currency for a game, any game.. that money is gone unless you do a charge back and at that point you can expect never to play that game again. the currency can be spent for anything. what you intend to spend that currency on isn't part of the purchase agreement. I think you're raising your blood pressure for a…
  • erhmahgerd its not choice?!?!? I just bought four of them to open at some later point assuming I could choose. cue angry villager with pitchforks...
  • I could be wrong but by reworking it last I heard it was just making bird pvp permanent more or less. the man hours needed to actually make pvp viable and separate from pve as it needs to be would take a whole team.
  • I opened 6 and got a mythic stag *Shrug* also as far as I could tell there were no notifications of that fact to anyone else in the world. It did not show up in my chat box like normal
  • I meant per platform. on xbox I went thru the season last season and counted out all the obvious duplicates and it was about 120 people in total. and that was just from counting out the names I recognized. I'm sure there were some in there I missed although it seems like a particularly small community. on pc I know a bunch…
    in pvp Comment by thefiresidecat April 24
  • there are less than 100 people playing pvp and the only people that were were gaming the system for the leaderboard rewards. Pretty sure pvp is just going to die a stagnating death from here on out other than chicken pvp
    in pvp Comment by thefiresidecat April 24
  • So what if this is a mmo. it's never expected low levels to group up before. if you have honest new low levels coming here to complain it really should be addressed. don't dismiss new players. as far as I can tell all these updates were aimed at new players. if they've missed their target there even.. it needs to be…
  • it's ded I tell yah D.E.D Ded. like a spider what had been crushenated.
  • I've given away everything before and regretted it a little. (on pc) but now i"m honestly struggling with it for my much larger hoard on xbox. seriously tempted to give everything away and uninstall and just walk away. I thought before I'd go between fo76 and NW since their mod drops are offset from each other.. but even…
  • while I agree, the game isn't in great shape. all you seem upset about is communication. while I agree communication is important for maintaining player relations, it doesn't dictate the actual state of the game. I disagree that the zax isn't a problem. or rather that changing it too drastically would not be a problem. it…
  • it doesn't work that way. the zen in the exchange is all offered by players. what you're suggesting would HAVE to be creating new ad out of the ether which would be very very bad for the in game economy.
  • there were no quotes on it. it was paraphrased. I do not believe those exact words were used. and it was whiteside
  • this is like a yearly conversation here. iirc they've been longer and more heated in the past but everyone is bored with it I think. I just want to know what the upcoming changes will be. I actually didn't expect this to spur a five page debate.
  • yet the reason I created this thread is because of an offhand comment that says we can expect systemic changes to zen. (and I'd really like to know what those are going to be, it's been a month or two now since that comment was made) it's not impossible that they plan on changing things in a drastic fashion. I mean, would…
  • good point, I didn't think too hard on that did I :) I've always said that I think they're shooting themselves in the foot for not charging a bit of money a month for zen or having a secondary vip that costs real money or an alternative vip. granted if they switched over entirely to a cash model for vip they would lose a…
  • interesting I wonder if that's what they're thinking about. giving everyone with vip a stipend of zen would probably lower the backlog and would probably get people to buy vip