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  • They are fixing any of these that are actual bugs as well, they just haven't fixed them yet. They are releasing bug fixes on an almost daily basis. Stop QQing that they are churning out fixes as quickly as they can.
  • Irrelevant. You can get it without buying anything. That is what matters.
  • The definition of Pay2Win is that items that give an in game advantage are available only for real cash. AD are farmed in game so those epics are certainly not P2W they are "Pay to grind less".
  • Because I pugged them all at least twice and I've been playing MMOs since EQ launched. MD heavily ramps up the fight difficulty for pugs that are not on voice (i.e. the average casual player), its out of line for all the other content up to that point, including skirmishes, and for content after that.
  • I'd say that Idris was about right compared to the way the dungeon difficulty has been scaling, MD is definitely the anomaly for pug groups of average players. If MD is going to be a boss + add waves fight then I think the numbers of adds should be reduced to give people a better chance to deal with them but still make it…
  • I agree. I've pugged the leveling dungeons so far and the difficulty suddenly ramped up with MD, the pugs I was with wiped again and again. Having got a few more levels I did Idris tonight and it was a much simpler fight so it seems that MD is indeed tougher than it really should be.
  • Because invoking gives random rewards, sometimes you don't get xp and the amount can differ when you do.
  • How are we being scammed? If you are not spending money then they cannot be scamming you out of anything but a little bit of free time. I'm smart enough to do just a little bit of research before I part with my money and I know that respecs cost money in Neverwinter. So if I ever want to respec then I will have a choice of…