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  • > @"astrid83#9376" said: > So last update was over 10 hours ago would be nice to know what is going on I suppose the Arc Team will keep us informed somehow, but maybe not.
  • > @"matty#8174" said: > Finding it hard to understand why it is taking so long to get approval for this patch in Europe when it has already gone live in the US hours ago. Maybe because of the all other locations of the globe is "the rest of the world"...
  • It seems nothing has changed. Only just have checked. The same blue screen with Error CE-38700-8.
  • Unfortunately, the game still can't be running. Today I don't have a possibility to run the game till 10 GMT. Yesterday I was not able to run the game because of bluescreen. It seems I've lost daily VIP things. I wonder if the Arc Team is going to compensate this somehow?